Fathers Day with Love Layla #AD

Fathers Day Cards

You may well remember that I’ve collaborated with Love Layla before. Valentines and Mothers Day. What can I say? I love their cards and gifts. So with Fathers Day right around the corner (the 17th, you might want to add that to your diary!) it seemed only fitting that once again I share my favourites with you. There are some hilariously rude cards but I decided that as it was from the girls I would settle for something a little more appropriate.

I often make jokes about my husbands shoes. While he does own the sandals he doesn’t wear them with socks but I couldn’t resist this card. It’s just too perfect haha!

Fathers Day Cards

Edith has so many story books but she always wants the same ones over and over again so this card seemed perfect! Each Peach Pear Plum is one of Edith’s favourites. This Fathers Day card fits perfectly.

Fathers Day Cards

This badge reminds me of something my Dad used to say. He would always moan about me turning lights on. I had to get this one as a nod to him! The card goes so perfectly with it too!

And this one is because my TV is often filled with superhero programs and sport. Anyone else struggle to watch programs they like? I joke of course. He puts up with my crime documentaries too!

There is such a great range of cards and small gifts on Love Layla, make sure you order soon to get your hands on some Fathers Day goodies before you run out of time! All cards come with free delivery too!

This post is in collaboration with Love Layla. Thank you to the brands who support Little Paper Swans. This post has been scheduled in advance while I spend time with my family.

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