How to Photograph Yourself

A lot of these blog posts that I have scheduled in are questions that people have asked me and I thought that I would answer them all while I get to know our newborn daughter a bit more. I take a lot of photographs that I am in. People have asked just how do you Photograph Yourself?  Most of the time it’s a faceless portrait. Showing off my face is not for me but people often ask me how I take the photo and appear in it too.

There 3 options it could be depending on light, time and photo. Here’s just how to Photograph Yourself.

How to Inspire Your Instagram Photography Prompt Cards

iPhone Timer.

The iPhone has a timer that you can programme to 3 or 10 seconds. If I’m using this I set up the shot. Make sure the light is good and then I set off the self timer and run into the shot. This way can take a while. Chances are you’ll take 10/15 awful photos but there will be a couple of good ones in there.

I don’t use a tripod specially designed for my phone for my camera. I use a big blob of blue/white tack and tack the bottom of my phone to a tripod. However you could just put it on a pile of books or a table. It does take a bit of getting used to but once you’ve done it a few times it will seem easy.

I use this method more in the summer when the light is better and I can get away with iPhone shots.


DSLR with Control.

I have a Nikon D750 it’s my third baby and it is an amazing camera. The camera has built in WiFi so I can connect my phone to the cameras built in WiFi. I then have a Nikon app that I can use as a remote control. It’s so easy to do and it means I don’t have to spend out for a special remote. However it can get in the way in photos sometimes. Sometimes I take the photographs with my feet. I set the shot up and then place my phone on the floor and click the shutter with my foot.

Quite often I have to photoshop out my phone in these kind of photos.

If I need two hands and I can’t hold the camera or the tripod doesn’t work well (I need one of those fancy tripods where you don’t get the tripod legs in the shot! Then I employ my third option.

matenity dress props

My Husband.

He’s my personal photographer. I joke he’s a teacher and after being together for 9 years he’s used to me asking him to take photos. Even before this blog I had photography projects that I would always ask him to help with. If I can’t take the photo or I don’t want to drop my camera in the bath I then get my husband to help. Sometimes I set up the shot and then just ask him to click the shutter other times I show him a photo of what I want and then ask him to re-create it. I trust him 100% to help me get the shot I want.

There is a fourth method that Me & Orla talks about. The #grinandshareit. It involves putting your phone between your teeth and taking the shot. This is great for hands in the frame shot but I’ve not mastered it yet!!

My top tip for taking photos of yourself is do it! You don’t have to include your face if you don’t want to. A portrait doesn’t have to be face on. Just get out there and do it! And no selfies!!

How do you Photograph Yourself?

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This post has been scheduled in advance whilst I take a little time off to spend with my newborn & family. 


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