13 Handy Instagram Tips & Tricks

I thought I’d share a few Instagram Tips and Tricks. It’s just things you might not know how to do or things you’ve been debating for a while. Hopefully you’ll learn a thing or too! So here they are 13 Handy Instagram Tips & Tricks.


The A at the top of the page on stories is how you get a perfect box around your font.

You can also pick the colour of your font/pen by holding down the colour and you can then pick your own colour.

To make your text spaced out you can copy and paste from the notes app on your phone. Get it how you want it to look and then copy and paste it over.

If you connect your Facebook Page and create a business account on Instagram this will give you insights into your followers. Gender, age, location. It also tells you at what time they are most active which is great for knowing what time to post.



Every weekend Instagram run their Weekly Hashtag Project. Each week has a different theme. They post it up Friday night and they then share their favourites Tuesday morning. Having your photo shared would be an amazing opportunity to grow your account. It’s also a great way to connect with other accounts and to get a little creative with your photography.

Hold down your screen to read longer posts in stories.

You can see who’s watching your stories and voting in polls is not anonymous.

Creating”Collections” of saved posts can be used for inspiration. You do this by clicking the bookmark icon underneath the photo, hold it down and it pop up with a “Save to” box. Click the plus and name your collection.



Clicking on the heart, where your notifications live, you also have a following tab at the top. This will show you people who are commenting and liking things right now. It brings back a little bit of the instant to Instagram.

You can hide posts you’ve been tagged in. Go to your bio. Click the person icon to bring up your tagged photos. Then click the image. Finally click the three dots at the top and click photo options. You then have the option to show on your profile or to hide it.

 You can save your edits. I often have a week’s worth of images saved under mine. Edit your photograph as normal and then click back. It will ask if you want to save your draft or discard. This means you can write your caption out before hand.

You can and should have Two- factor Authentication switched on. This will mean your account can be recovered if it’s hacked. Head to your profile click the 3 dots in the right hand corner and scroll down to Two- factor Authentication.

To get more engagement, which will possibly lead to more followers to your account. Engage with others! Hashtag appropriately. And be nice to others! There is now no need for pods to create engagement.


I’d love to hear your Instagram Tips and tricks. Add them in the comments!

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This post has been scheduled in advance whilst I take a little time off to spend  with my family before our newborn arrives. 

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