How to Curate your Instagram Gallery

A question I have been asked before is how I curate my Instagram and how you can Curate Your Instagram. Others simply want to know what curating your gallery is. Is it just keeping one thing the same? Or is there more than that? The real answer is there’s a lot more too it but consistency is key.

A Theme.

So I guess to explain it properly I should show you my feed before I started to curate it. As you can see below it’s a little bit all over the place. There are some lovely photos in there but you can’t really see it because there is just a clash of colours! One thing I have kept similar over time is the use of negative space. In my case this a white wall. It’s something I’ve had in my gallery since September 2014. Having this a focus point for my account has helped me develop my style. Now I don’t just post photographs against a white wall but I know that I need to use light colours for the background to fit in with the theme I have created for my account.

Now I would say that you don’t want to create yourself a theme you can’t keep up. Don’t include florals if they’re really not your thing, don’t use bright colours if you don’t have bright colours. It needs to naturally flow from you as a person. Pastel colours and florals have always been a part of me so it was a natural move. You need to have a colour palette in your mind. I’m not for one second saying you need to whip out a paint chart every time you want to post a photograph but keeping colours in mind really helps.

Colour Palette.

For example, my colour palette is blush pinks, light greens and natural colours (beige, light toned browns). If you’re unsure of what your colour palette is head over to Makelight, Year of Colour. It’s amazing. It breaks down the dominant colours in your feed and then gives you an overall colour palette too. This is a great start point because even if your feed doesn’t look how you want it to now, you know what colours you naturally opt for. This will help to Curate Your Instagram.

Once you know what your colour palette is or what you would like it to be you can then start to think about what you want your gallery to be about. Mine is flowers, baby bumps (babies but the time this goes live!), little ones and everything that goes with children, cups of tea and coffee and the odd home shot or flatlay thrown in for good measure. These are my accounts basics. This is what my followers know they are getting when they see my profile. Limiting yourself to post about a few things in the beginning will help you gain your focus. I’m not saying to photograph one object, mix things up, but setting yourself that limit will help to to Curate Your Instagram.

Planning & Planning Apps.

You can look at your feed and think ohh I’ve not posted a photo with a cup of tea in it for a while so then you know that you’re probably due one. It really helps add balance to your gallery. A really great way of working out what your gallery needs and working out what image to post when is using a planning app. I use Snug and it was such a great investment. It cost me 99p and it honestly changed things up for me. I can take a weeks worth of images one weekend and then I can plot the images onto Snug to work out what image to post on what day. It really helps give my gallery that cohesive look and I can see that two photos might clash with each other. I would wholeheartedly recommend getting yourself a planning app.


And finally the editing. You know that I like to edit all of my photographs in the same way, in fact you can read all about how I do that here. It’s such a simple thing but it will help your gallery come together. People will begin to recognise your style and it will entice new followers in as they will be drawn to how it looks as one gallery.

Of course this is just what works for me. I’m not saying you have to Curate Your Instagram at all. If it doesn’t work for you that’s fine but these steps have been great for me.

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This post has been scheduled in advance whilst I take a little time off to spend with my newborn & family. 


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