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I put out a post on Instagram asking for your questions for a Q&A post. I do love a good Q&A and I thought it would be good to get to know me a little. The range of questions are from Motherhood to work life balance. I hope you enjoy this little Q&A and if you have any other questions pop them in the comments and I’ll answer them when I can!

As a mummy to an Edith, I’d love to know your reasons for choosing the name? And why you liked it? I chose it after watching the film Despicable Me years ago! – emmalouisebrown90 

My favourite Q&A question! How we decided on Edith is a little bit of a funny one. We saw the name originally cutting through the graveyard to near we used to live. I suggested it as a name choice and we could shorten it to Edie. My husband didn’t like it at the time so we forgot all about it. Until a few weeks before she arrived.

My husband suggested the name and I was a bit unsure as we’d dismissed it. Over the next few days it grew on me again and we settled for middle names too. We left it and then when she was born she was just an Edith and has been ever since. Edith Olivia Rae Wood. Baby number two also has two middle names! We can’t have her feeling left out can we?

I’d love to know what you do to recharge! Especially when you are low on creativity (I find the winter months so draining!) – tiril_hauan

I’m really bad at re-charging and taking a break. Over the Christmas holidays I took 5 days off and it was so good to not have the pressure of posting. This made me more creative and I really need to learn to take a break more. The issue is Instagram and blogging are my hobby as well as my blog so I guess I’m always working but I enjoy what I do. I’m taking some time out when the baby arrives so won’t be posting everyday.

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How do you take such gorgeous photos of Edith? I try to take photos of Alfie but they end up blurry as he doesn’t stay still! – @mrsamyfox

In all honesty it’s a struggle. She is a diva and it’s all on her terms. I try to get her when she’s in a good mood. Bribe her. Letting her hold things normally works. I also try not too push it. If she doesn’t want to then she doesn’t want too.

It’s also a good idea to take candid photos. I love capturing Edith playing or walking along. I guess the best advice would be follow their lead and bribery!!

I want to know how you find time/ balance – being a mummy – editing your photos and writing fab blog posts? – @just.isla.and.i

Erm a lot of the time I don’t. It’s very much an illusion. There always tends to be something that’s neglected and I won’t ever let that be Edith. It means sometimes emails are unanswered for longer than they should be but something has to give.

Edith goes to pre-school two mornings a week and it’s amazing how much work you can get done in three hours child free. She really loves it and I love the feeling of getting work done. I tend to use that time for blog posts/emails and collaborations.

I then take most of my photographs and edit them at the weekend when my husband is off work (he’s a teacher) and I use them for blog posts and Instagram posts. I guess being a bit organised helps. Once the new baby is here and added into the mix I’m not sure when things will get done! Haha it will be a time to adjust for all of us!

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Q: Beautiful bump 😍 I would love to know how you dress yours. Do you go for maternity/non maternity? And where are the best places to shop? I’m at that ‘nothing fits’ stage and need inspo. – @miagrace_and_me

A: I’ve struggled a lot more this time because when I was pregnant with Edith I was at my biggest over the summer. So I wore lots of midi dresses and skirts. This time being at my biggest over winter has meant that I’ve lived in maternity jeans.

I totally recommend getting yourself two or three pairs of decent maternity jeans to last you. I got mine from New Look. I’ve then worn baggy jumpers and maternity vest tops. And then dresses as tops. I’m at the point now where I’m running out of clothes so I’m wearing the same four outfits on rotation!

I only bought maternity vest tops and jeans. Everything else was things I owned already or I sized up.

Is there anything you would do differently with baby number 2? – @__winging_it__

Yes. I don’t have negative people in my life anymore so I won’t be listening to them. I won’t be comparing myself. I’m quite confident in my abilities to be a good Mama and I’ve kept Edith alive for nearly two and half years. She’s an intelligent and wonderful child so we must be doing something right.

I’m going to try not to stress about housework and realise that I won’t have a spotless house. I’m going to be nicer to my husband in those early tired days. I get so moody when I’m sleep deprived! Basically no pressure.

The way we bring baby number 2 up will be no different.

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Beautiful bump! I want to know Are you ready? All set? Mentally and physically? – @capturedthemoments_

Good question. Some days yes. Some days no. I have moments of I’ve got this followed by moments of oh my goodness I’m going to have two little humans to keep alive. As for labour I think I’m a lot more mentally prepared this time. My biggest worry is leaving Edith so I’ll do everything I can not to spend time in hospital haha!

If you could only choose one thing to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?😋 – @valeryperalta8

I want to say chocolate but you couldn’t live of chocolate. Maybe a chicken and bacon mayo sandwich, shop bought because you can’t make them as good yourself! I would have said pizza but this baby has put me off it at the moment!

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How has this pregnancy been different to the last? – @maisymeowblog

It’s been so different. I’ve written a post all about it. I was so much sicker in the beginning. This baby girl has always been low down and making it hard to walk. So much more heartburn and acid reflux. I’ve been a lot more tired and emotional. Edith’s pregnancy was textbook this one has been a lot more up and down.

I’ve moaned so much more, can’t you tell? Haha. I still have loved every moment of being pregnant. I don’t think I’m done just yet, but life with two will settle than one for me!! I do love being pregnant.

How do you feel about having two kiddos? Excited/nervous/prepared? – @ohthatstacey & Are you feeling prepared for two? – @esmeandivy

All of the above. I have moments of Edith is too little to be a big sister to she’s so ready for a little sister. I have no plans in place for life with two. I  know that baby is going to have to fit around our schedule a little with getting Edith to pre-school etc but I’m putting no pressure on myself at all. Things will get done when they get done.

I am so excited and emotional thinking about Edith meeting her sister for the first time. It’s going to such a proud Mama moment and I know she’s going to be amazing. I hope that I’m going to be an amazing Mama to both of them!

I can’t wait to see their bond and playing together when they are older. And of course a spot of twinning too haha!

 That’s it for the Q&A. I hope I enjoyed getting to know me a little more and I’ll do another one of these Q&A posts in the future!

This post has been scheduled in advance whilst I take a little time off before our newborn arrives.


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