My Second Pregnancy – How has it been this time?

I remember that when I was pregnant with Edith towards the end of the pregnancy I wrote a round up post of how I found the whole pregnancy. A look back at the last few months and how I’ve been feeling. These posts are great for other pregnant Mamas/Mams to be’s but they are also amazing for me to look back on. You can read my round with Edith’s pregnancy here.

The First Trimester.

My Second Pregnancy has been totally different to my pregnancy with Edith. I found out I was pregnant around the same time with both. With having regular periods you pretty much know straight away. However with Edith’s pregnancy the nausea, and it was mild to say the least kicked in around week 7. With this pregnancy, I had it from week 6 up until week 16. I felt so rough in those early days. I couldn’t move from the sofa.

I’m so grateful that those early days fell into the summer holidays when my husband, who is a primary school teacher, was off work. It meant he could take care of Edith and I could be left to nap. I couldn’t eat much and I felt so rundown. You can read all about how I found the first trimester here.



24 Week Pregnancy Update

The Second Trimester.

From there my Second Pregnancy has flown by. Weeks 13 – 20 went quickly and before we knew it we were finding out the baby’s gender. We were over the moon to discover we were having another little girl. I wanted Edith to have a sister, as I know how nice that bond is but in all honesty we really didn’t mind. As long as baby is healthy that’s all that matters. She was kicking away in there and it was just incredible to see her in close up detail.

With moving and then the build up to Christmas the weeks seemed to fly past and I saw my midwife twice in this time. It was supposed to only be at 28 weeks and it’s my second baby but I thought I had a water infection at 25 weeks so she asked to see me. In the end it was just how low she was laying and she advised me to get a support belt which I did and oh my it made things easy for me when I was walking. Everything was going well and my next check ups weren’t until; after Christmas. We had a lovely Christmas as a three and we kept thinking this time next year there will be another pile of presents!

The Third Trimester.

After Christmas is when things started to get a little stressful. There was the whole wrong appointment booking which you can read, in detail here. And then when I did get to see my new midwife. I was measuring rather big! I ended up heading over to the hospital for a growth scan to check on baby which said at 34 and half weeks she was already measuring 6lb. At the time of writing this I’ve got to head over to the hospital again for a gestational diabetes test and an extra scan to see where things are going to go from there. It might well mean my dreams of a calm waterbirth are gone and an induction or c-section might be on the cards. It’s just a case of waiting to see what happens. Who knows by the time this post goes live she could already be here!

My Second Pregnancy has been so much more tiring and I’ve struggled a lot more. In all honesty I think it’s due to the fact I have a 2 year old to run around after. I also didn’t finish work so early. When you work for yourself that’s not always the option. I wouldn’t change a thing however. Baby girl is healthy and happy and that’s the important thing. I can’t wait to see Edith meet her little sister and to hold her. Even thinking about it now makes me well up!

I’ve treasured every moment of my Second Pregnancy. Although I’m not saying no to more children, you never know what might happen in the future. I might have to convince my husband that baby number 3 is a good idea! I can tell you now there will be a bigger age gap I don’t fancy three under 5! Hats off to you Mama’s that are doing that!

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 This post has been scheduled in advance whilst I take a little time off before our newborn arrives.

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