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With the weather starting to pick up a little, it’s by no means warm yet but Spring is definitely around the corner and I can’t wait! It seems like so long since we had a lit of nice weather so as soon as the sun shines my thoughts instantly turn towards Spring fashion. As I’m heavily pregnant (at the time of writing) I haven’t really been able to indulge in fashion as much as I would like to so I have some great plans this season to finally get my wardrobe back on track.

Kipling have helped me out with their new range of bags, that are only available online. The Kipling bags are beautiful! I went for a neutral one that I could wear with anything. It’s a great size too. Perfect for everything you need to take with you without being too big you can’t find anything. I also adore the little Kipling monkey that’s on the bag. I mean look how cute he is?

Spring Dressing with Kipling

I’ve started myself a Pinterest board with lots of ideas for what I can wear in the Spring. I’ve got to think about things I can breastfeed in too so it’s not just as simple as dresses. I’m thinking pretty skirts and tee’s. I desperately need to buy some new jeans as I binned most of mine for maternity jeans and I’m hoping to not be living in them forever.

My new Kipling bag has definitely inspired me to up my fashion game and not just turn into the baggy jumper wearing Mama I’ve become recently haha. I’m excited for the weather to heat up and for my wardrobe to be overhauled. Goodbye baggy jumpers, old shirts and maternity jeans. Hello pretty Spring clothes. I’ve even toyed with the idea of a capsule seasonal wardrobe but I’m not sure I could commit to it?

Are you looking forward to Spring and Spring dressing?

This post has been scheduled in advance whilst I take a little time off before our newborn arrives.

The bag featured in this post was gifted to me from Kipling. All ideas, thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to the brands that continue to support Little Paper Swans.


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