Do I Need an Instagram Business Account?

Do I need an Instagram business account

Oh the big question and one I’ve seen debated quite a lot. Do I need an Instagram business account? The simple answer if you’re a blogger or a business is yes. Let me explain the benefits.

There has been a lot of rumours and speculation around having a business account and a drop in engagement. Well. I’ve had my Instagram business account now for just over a year and engagement hasn’t been much of an issue. I find the number one rule with engagement is to engage with others. If you’re not replying to comments or commenting on other users photographs then why would they bother commenting on yours? Plus it’s nice to be nice and you’ll gain some amazing friends from it too!

Set up a Facebook Page.

First of all to have an Instagram business account you will need a Facebook Page for your blog or business. This basically verifies the account and says that you are a business. Only businesses should have  Instagram business accounts. So if you are a blogger or business you will need to set yourself up a Facebook page first.

The biggest benefit of having a Instagram business account is having the “insights” that come with it. These are basically the stats and tells you how well an image is performing along with lots of other things. Let’s break it down.

Do I need an Instagram business account

Insights from your profile page.

First off it tells you how many followers you have gained in the last 7 days. This can be up and down a bit depending on bots and follow/unfollowers. It also tells you how many posts you have and how many in the last 7 days. These are things you’ll probably know anyway.

The next box down tells you how many impressions you’ve had and compares it to last 7 days. Impressions are the total number of times your posts have been seen. This number is usually the biggest number.

If you swipe across you then get to reach. Reach is the number of unique accounts that saw any of your posts. Then onto profile views. This of course is how many people have viewed your profile. And then website clicks. How many people have clicked the link in your bio. Finally how many people have clicked the email or call button in your bio.

It’s great to have a look at these and you can see exactly what’s going on with your account. This is just an overview. We can get even more detailed.


The next box down is all about your followers. You get a brief overview and then when you click see more you can get more insights. The overview breaks down your audience. So for example my audience is 8% male and 92% female. Most of my followers are aged between 25-34 and then my top three locations are London, Lowestoft and Manchester.

Once you click on the see more button you can then see more about your followers. You can see the ages of your male followers, female followers and then all your followers. You can see top locations and then countries too. The best part of the see more about your followers is the bar chart at the bottom of the page.

This tells you when your followers are most active each day. So for example my followers tend to be most active from 6pm until 9pm. This means I upload my photographs from 8pm until 9:30pm because I know that’s when most of my followers are online and my image is more likely to be seen. I think this information is invaluable for someone who is trying to grown their account!

Do I need an Instagram business account

Your posts.

The next box down on the insights screen is all about your posts. If you click see more, once again you get lots of details about your posts. The stats go back 2 years which is great to have. When you first click see more it will bring up the impressions on all of your posts in the last year. You can then click onto the highlighted blue text to change the filters. This will then show you more details and you can choose to look at the past 7 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years. This is a great tool to see what your best images were. Well the images that performed the best.

You can filter the posts by the following, this is what each of them mean too:

Comments – The total number of comments on that post. This does include your replies so if you reply to everyone you will need to half this number for an accurate result.

Engagement – How many people in total have engaged with your image. This is the total number of likes, comments and saves added together.

Impressions – The total number of times you post has been seen in that time frame.

Likes – The amount of likes you’ve received on that image.

Reach – The number of unique accounts that have seen that post in the time frame.

Saved – The number of unique accounts that have saved the post.


The next box down on the insights page is all about stories. It can show you your stories from the last 14 days and you can see how they performed. No one else other than you can see these. Again this is broken down into the following:

Impressions – The number of times that the photo/video was seen in your story.

Reach – The number of unique accounts that have seen the photo/video in your story.

Taps forward – The number of taps to see the next photo or video.

Taps back – The number of taps to see the previous photo or video.

Exits – The number of times that someone has exited your story on that photo/video.

Replies – The number of replies to the photo/video in your story.

Swipes away -The number of swipes away from this photo or video to skip to the next accounts story.

Again these insights are great to help you know what to post. For example asking a question means you’ll get more replies. Writing a bigger chunk of text means that more people will probably tap backwards to re-read what they saw. The exits and swipes away are also great too, this shows you what might not be working for you and your account.

Do I need an Instagram business account


The final box is all about promotions. This gives you the insights into any promotional posts you might be running. These work in the same way as Facebook ads and can be a great tool.

But that’s not all there are also insights on the images themselves. When you click on your image in will bring up a box that says view insights. By clicking on this you can see the following:

Insights on the image.

Likes, comments and saves. It then shows you how many people visited your profile after seeing that image and the reach of the image too. If you scroll the pop up up you get even more details.

Actions – Profile Visits and Follows. How many people viewed your profile after seeing the image and how many followed you after seeing the image.

Discovery – Telling you a percentage of how many accounts saw your posts that weren’t following you. Reach again. Then it breaks down impressions into the following:

From home, from profile, from hashtags and from other. It’s really interesting to see how effective your hashtags were and to see that a lot of your impressions come from people already following you.

I hope that wasn’t too much information to digest but I wanted to explain it all as detailed as I could. I would definitely recommend getting yourself an Instagram business account for the insights alone but you can switch and switch back if you don’t like.

Do you have an Instagram business account? You can follow me on Instagram here.

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