How to Write a Blog Post

One of my very lovely Instagram followers asked me if I could share my process of creating content for my blog. How I Write a Blog Post. I thought it was an amazing idea! I guess as I’ve done it for the last six years it’s become second nature for me. So I thought I’d talk you through just how I work.


Now recently I’ve been scheduling lots of content in advance for my maternity break so my workload has been a lot more but my usual thought process is to sit down at the start of each month and plan out the months worth of blog posts. Now I don’t stick to the schedule and there is freedom for posts to get shuffled around. I used to plan in two posts a week so I know that for each month I will need around 8 blog posts.

To work out what I want to write about I look at what season it is, what I’m doing (am I visiting somewhere) is anything big taking place that month and brand collaborations. It doesn’t always work like this sometimes I’ll see someone post something on a Facebook group and write a post about it. My Plan, Don’t Schedule Your Instagram post came from someone posting on a Mummy Blogger Facebook page asking what scheduler people used for Instagram. I sat there cringing, thinking you don’t want a scheduler at all! That post was written up and scheduled in for the following week.

I’ve always been an ideas person and I have so many ideas but I find that if I don’t write them down they fly on by. So I have a note in my phone with any ideas of posts I’ve come up with. I then look through that at the start of month and pick the ones I want to right about.


Photography comes first for me most of the time. Which is hardly surprising as I’m a visual person. So I will then write a list of photographs I need to take for the weekend. Sometimes I will do a weeks worth, sometimes a months worth. It’s all down to how organised I’m feeling and whether I know exactly what I want to photograph. Once the photographs are taken I edit them and then they sit in a folder on my desktop called blog posts.

How I Write a Blog Post.

Writing comes next. I write out the post. Sometimes I’ll write part of the post and the come back to it. Sometimes I can write 5 posts in one session. It all depends on my mood. Once I’ve written all I can I then try my best to SEO the post. I have a WordPress Plugin called Yoast and it helps me to get all I need to get in. I totally recommend it for a plug in as it takes out a lot of the hard work that comes with it. You aim to get the green light and I will work on a post until I do. It only takes around 10 minutes. That’s how I Write a Blog Post, but it doesn’t stop there.


I then schedule the post to go live. On the morning the post goes lives I spend a little bit of time promoting it on social media. I add it to my Social Oomph for Twitter, share in on my Facebook Page and pop a little bit about it in my Instagram stories with a link in my bio.

Time Management.

One of the big questions I get is where do I find the time for it. Work happens from 7-8pm in the evenings which can either be an hour of photo editing or an hour of writing. Wednesday and Friday mornings while Edith is at pre-school is also my work time. I have almost 3 hours and it’s amazing how productive I can be in those hours. Quite often power through lots of work in that time and sometimes use it to take photographs too. I guess with anything it’s all about balance. I try to do as much as I can in the time I have. That means sometimes my emails get neglected but that’s just how it works.

Also this is my job, it still feels surreal saying that, which means I dedicate my time to it. It’s possible to get things done in a very short space of time if you love what you do. This doesn’t for a second mean I don’t have meltdowns to my husband about my workload. When that happens he will take Edith out for the day or keep her distracted so I can get some work done. It’s all about balance. Sometimes we have it. Sometimes we don’t.

And that’s just how I Write a Blog Post. I’d love to hear your process on writing blog posts!

 This post has been scheduled in advance whilst I take a little time off to spend with my newborn & family. 


  1. Joanne

    I really enjoyed reading this! You don’t see a lot of posts on how bloggers actually take time out of their day to do what they do and the process of how they do it. This was well-written and definitely inspired me to step up my game a bit (since I’m not a mother and I do have a lot more free time lately haha.) Also, I keep “blog post ideas” notes EVERYWHERE and you’re so right; we should start the writing then and there for the best results. What’s been happening lately is that I only write the topic (sort of like it was a fleeting thought) but procrastinate SO MUCH on writing it up that I end up with close to nothing at all 🙁
    Lovely post tho! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week <3

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

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