My Changing Bag with Babymel

I have to admit that this bag is my first proper changing bag. Surprising considering I’ve been doing this motherhood thing for the last two and half years and still use a changing bag most days. With Edith I used a small hand luggage bag and although it worked it used to get so messy inside and there was no real place to store anything. It was also boring black.

I know a lot of people like to stick to a neutral colour so it doesn’t offend the baby’s dad but in all honesty my husband doesn’t care about what colour it is as long as it serves it purpose. And oh boy does it!

Cue the Robyn Convertible Backpack changing bag from Babymel. I adore the beautiful dusky pink colour and as we are having a Spring baby it seemed to fit perfectly. The colour reminds me of the blossom on the trees and all things floral which of course makes me happy!

Functional, yet stylish!

The bag its self is so functional. Where do I begin. The back is convertible so it can be used a backpack, which is perfect for babywearing. You can then attach it to your pushchair without the need for special clips. This is so handy when you need to get something out of your bag and you don’t have to dig down underneath the pushchair.

The bag can also be worn with a long strap and worn over the shoulder.  The bag also comes with a changing mat, perfect for when you’re out and about and an insulated bottle holder. It also comes with an amazing built in feature. An Easy-wipes side pocket. This solves the really annoying issue of pulling out a hundred wipes at once. The Velcro flap keeps the wipes clean and prevents them drying out too. How amazing is that?

Her own little bag.

Of course we didn’t want Edith to feel left out and the launch of the Zip and Zoe range came at the perfect time. The bag itself comes with a safety harness which means we can left Edith have a little more freedom walking around but we know that she is safe. It also un-clips when she is old enough to not need the safety harness anymore.

The bag is the perfect size for her and she can keep her toys and anything else she decides she needs to pack for the day. The bags come in lots of different designs but the unicorn one won over Edith instantly. She also adores the musical tag that comes with it too. She dances along to the music!

Parents of two.

We needed a changing bag that is functional for life with two as Edith will still need changes of clothes and snacks even when we do start potty training (that’s a blog post for a whole other time!!). This backpack is the perfect size to fit in everything we need and it looks amazing too. Win win.

This changing bag has been kindly sent to me by Babymel. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to the brands who continue to support Little Paper Swans. You can read more about collaborations here.


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