Celebrating Mothers Day with Love Layla

It’s not long until Mothers Day. It’s March 11th in case you’re wondering. I had a little bit of a panic because I’m going to have to get my Mum’s present sorted because I’ll hopefully be in a newborn bubble come Mothers Day. Of course I’m hoping to be spoilt rotten with lay ins, breakfast in bed, expensive handbags etc. Haha I kid. I’ll be happy with whatever Edith makes me at pre-school.

You may rememeber that a couple of weeks ago I worked with Love Layla on their Valentines range. When they asked if I’d like to share their Mother’s Day range I jumped at the chance because oh my have they got it right. The card above says it all. How many times a day do I end up singing that song? (More than I care to add up!!)

Not only have they got their classic rude cards, they’ve got ones full of great humour too.

This badge is going to worn for the next few weeks for sure. I love it. I also adore the card above too. It’s perfect for Mum’s to be or Mum’s with very little ones. Which means there is no excuse! The whole range is amazing and you should head over and have a look. There’s free delivery on all of the products too which makes me happy! You can view the whole range here.

Another badge and card that are perfect for me right now! Each card comes with a beautiful deep purple envelope with Love Layla embossed onto it. In each card you also get a little coupon card which says the card can be exchanged for various jobs. Of course it’s up to you if you want to include that haha! There’s not just cards and badges too. you can get wine labels, gift wrap and balloons. There’s everything you need to celebrate your Mum or be celebrated yourself. Now is the time to drop hints Mama’s!!

This post has been scheduled in advance whilst I take a little time off before our newborn arrives.

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