36 Week Pregnancy Update

I can’t believe that I’m writing my penultimate pregnancy update. 36 Week Pregnancy Update time and I am starting this a week in advance so who knows, there could be a baby here by the time this goes out. Wishful thinking huh?

It’s been a rough 4 weeks in all honesty. What was a simple, stress free pregnancy has quickly turned into hospital appointment after hospital appointment. I’ll explain it in further detail below. But it has made the last 4 weeks a lot harder and a lot more tiring. I’m very much at that point now where I’m ready for her.

We had our first false alarm trip up to the hospital at 32+3. I had very watery discharge and it wasn’t normal for me. I phone the central delivery suite and they said to come in and gt checked over. After an internal and a few swabs they confirmed it was just discharge and not my waters. Thankfully.

It was the start of a few stressful weeks. Here’s my 36 Week Pregnancy Update in full.


For my 36 Week Pregnancy Update baby should be weighing around 5lb 8oz and measure around 18 inches. In reality at the growth scan we had last week baby girl is already weighing in at 6lb 3oz. Of course these growth scans are an estimated weight and can be out by a pound so she could be weighing in at a little less (or a little more!).

She is very happy and healthy in there and there is no concern for her health at all. Which is the best thing to hear. Her kicks are still huge and we know she is head down. We also got to see her beautiful face at the scan we had at 34 weeks. Oh my does she look like her sister. It was amazing the detail you could see!

How I’m Feeling

Oh this could go on a bit. I feel very stretched and huge. I’m exhausted most days even before I get out of bed as I spend most of my night tossing and turning and trying to get rid of leg cramps. Walking is very hard. We went shopping last weekend and walking around was such a chore and I’m someone who doesn’t normally mind a walk. I’ve been getting lot of aches and pains too and lots of Braxton hicks. Oh and on top of that add in a full blown cold too. Can you tell that I’m a little bit fed up? I’m hoping this 36 Week Pregnancy Update isn’t too negative but my it’s been a tough 4 weeks!

Weight Gain & Diet

I’ve not weighed myself recently but I imagine we’ve hit the three stone of extra weight by now, if not more. This bump is huge. Still no cravings. Sweet stuff is still winning over savoury and chicken and pizza still make me feel a little queezy.

Bump & Clothes

Oh bump. At 34 weeks my bump was measuring 37 weeks. It was odd because I’ve been following the same line throughout but within the space of a couple of weeks it jumped up quite a bit. Clothes are tight! I’m so excited to be able to wear normal clothes again. I’ve already decided to put some money aside and treat myself once baby is born and this belly has gone down. Especially as were heading into spring when all the pretty clothes comes out.


So this is where the story is.

I went to my 34 week appointment as normal and I hadn’t expected anything to go wrong. Well. This is where it all started. My bump was measuring big, like I said above. So they booked me in for a growth scan. The scan department at the hospital phoned up and said they had an appointment for that Friday so we went along. We saw the sonographer who showed us the baby and took all the measurements needed. We did get a cute picture too! She told us that she needed to plot the measurements on a chart and would then refer us to the antenatal team if baby was measuring big.

Baby is over the 90th centile so we then had to wait around to see a consultant. They immediately transferred my care from midwife led care and low risk to consultant lead and high risk. Which means kissing goodbye to my natural birth I had planned in the low risk birthing suite. The consultant was lovely and explained that “I’m cooking a good sized baby”. Bless him, he didn’t say big once. Baby girl is measuring around 6lb 3oz already and the fact that I had another 5 and a bit weeks of growing to do concerned them.

Blood Tests

They referred me for a blood glucose test to rule out gestational diabetes. The midwife then organised another scan for the week after. It was decided that after that we would then meet to discuss options if baby girl is still big and if I have gestational diabetes. We would then talk about induction and c-sections. Two things I had hoped to avoid. Fingers crossed that everything sorts itself out or baby girl makes her entrance early so we don’t have to go through that.

We were told that if the tests were positive and I did have gestational diabetes we would hear by the weekend. It’s Monday at the time of writing so hopefully this means the results were negative.

At the moment it’s a waiting game. Who knows when or how this baby will arrive. Ultimately the baby’s and my health are the most important thing.

A “mild infection”

Between this happening over two days. I also received a letter re-directed from our old house. It was the result of the swab the Dr had done from our late night visit to the maternity ward. The letter confirmed I had a mild infection but it didn’t say what. They advised me to ring my Dr’s surgery and they would provide the treatment I needed. I called them and they had no knowledge of it.

I then had to get to the Dr’s and take the letter in so the prescription team could write me something out. They took my letter and then said oh that will probably be ready tomorrow. By that point two weeks would have passed and my concern was that the “mild” infection would have turned into something nasty. They said leave it with me.

Half an hour after leaving I got a phone call from the Dr’s asking me if I knew what was wrong with me as they had no record of it and couldn’t get through to the hospital. I didn’t, of course, had I have known I would have told them at the start of all of this. They said okay leave it with us.

Still waiting.

I didn’t receive a phone call back. My husband, on returning home from work, said right I’m going to call them. He explained the story again. The prescription team had left an hour before and hadn’t left anything. Once again they said leave it with me. So we did. I got a phone call at 6:45pm from a Dr who had laryngitis. I could barely understand what she was saying. In the end I worked it out. She confirmed it was just Thrush and not anything sinister which was a huge relief. I had been worrying all day over something so small.

I told you my 36 Week Pregnancy Update was a bit of a long one. This time I feel like I’ve been failed a little by the healthcare professionals I’ve seen from 30 weeks. Of course, I know they are understaffed and overworked but at such a vulnerable point in your life. Especially heavily pregnant with all the emotions. It’s been a rough few weeks.

You can read my 36 Week Pregnancy Update with Edith here.

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  1. Kate Holmes

    So sorry you are having a challenging time towards the end of your pregnancy. Your post made me reflect how very much has changed since I had my last baby 12 years ago. Take care of you and soon you will have your lovely new arrival – wishing you all the very best. #TwinklyTuesday

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