6 of My Hopes & Goals for 2018

Dusky pink roses, on an open book and cup of tea photography. Hopes and goals for 2018.

Dusky pink roses, on an open book and cup of tea photography. Hopes and goals for 2018.

It’s that time of year where you look back on the year you’ve just had and the year you’d like to have and I do love getting my thoughts down on paper (so to speak) I wouldn’t be a blogger if I didn’t share them. I thought that the best way to start this post is to look back on my goals from last year before I get stuck into my goals for 2018.

2017 Goals

Tackle Youtube.

I attempted it but I’m happy to admit it’s just not for me and it’s something I’ve decided I no longer want to do. I would prefer to concentrate on my photography and writing.

Get more organised.

I suppose I did get a bit better at organising myself and the last month of December when Edith started playgroup I got on top of my workload a lot easier. I still need to make use of apps/lists etc a lot more than I do.

Visit more places.

This one I can definitely tick off. We visited lots of places in 2017. Some local and some further afield. It was great to see more of England too!

Get a little bit of myself back.

In hindsight this probably was a bit of an odd one. I know what I had meant by it but in all honesty my life is consumed by motherhood, being a wife and my work and I’m okay with that. I still crave some time to myself but I’ve had enough days to myself to counteract that feeling.

Have more lazy days.

I probably didn’t achieve this one until recently. I gave myself a week off over Christmas, especially being 30 weeks pregnant and because we had only just moved. Lazy days were few and far between. However the 22nd until now have been pretty lazy with a few bits of work in between but nothing too difficult. I definitely want to try and carry this one on. Having those rest days are important and I didn’t realise how burnt out I was.

Work really hard.

I’m proud to say I’ve achieved this one. I have worked with some incredible brands, photographed lots of beautiful weddings and paid my way with the money I’ve earned. It’s an incredible feeling and one I’m going to carry on in my goals for 2018.

Dusky pink roses, on an open book and cup of tea photography. Hopes and goals for 2018.

So onto my hopes and goals for 2018.

Spend more time with Edith.

I spend everyday with her but what I really mean is spend quality time with her. Especially before her little sister is born. That means not working as much when she’s here, hiding my phone so I can’t check the odd email on the go. I want to spend lots of time just us two (three when Daddy is off) before we add a newborn into the mix. More park trips and toddler groups are on the cards too.

Be more selective over work.

I’ve said no a few times to work in 2017 but I want to be even more selective. I definitely under value myself and there’s no more of that. I’ve worked with some incredible brands now and they’re willing to play and pay fair so I’m clearly doing something right. That means no more random posts and things I was too scared to turn down. Quality over quantity is also something I’m going to stick too. I want my blog posts to be brilliant and my photographs to be amazing. No half heartedness.

Dusky pink roses, on an open book and cup of tea photography. Hopes and goals for 2018.

Sort out my finances.

A big one especially after Christmas. Towards the end of the year I didn’t stick to budgets as I normally would and my savings accounts are looking a little sorry for themselves. I want to clear my credit cards and budget properly. I want to stop little spends that I don’t really need and save for a family holiday too. It’s possible if I get my head around it. I’ve already broken out the spreadsheets and know what’s coming in and going out.

Go full time with my blog.

Last year I juggled blogging with photography jobs and while I do love photography and I have a couple of weddings booked for next year (which I’m very excited for)  I do want to cut down on them. I want to focus on my blog and online courses, have you seen my latest course all about getting creative? Of course this ties in nicely with the goal of valuing myself more. The two tie in nicely together.

Dusky pink roses, on an open book and cup of tea photography. Hopes and goals for 2018.

Enjoy maternity leave.

And while I plan to work hard I also plan to enjoy every moment of maternity leave. I’m going to treasure those newborn days because I know how quickly they go and I want to make the most of being a family. With my maternity leave I can take a few “keep in touch days” which means I can still accept paid work but not like before. This again ties in with being more selective over who I work with. I’m also going to enjoy the 4 weeks before my due date. As much as I hate the word, I’m going to enjoy that nesting stage.

Self care.

Another term I dislike but this last week has taught me the importance of looking after myself. I felt so much better having painted nails. Silly I know but sometimes those little things make a huge difference. I’m going to try and make time for myself a lot more and as much as I can with two kids.

So that’s it, my hopes and goals for 2018. I’ve got a great feeling about this year so I’m going to smash every single one. We’ll see if I’m as cocky when it comes to reflecting on them next year haha.

Do you set yourself resolutions/goals for 2018? Do you ever keep any?


  1. Natalie

    Happy New Year, Cathryn! I love a bit of goal setting and ‘Be More Selective’ became one of mine for 2017 and is definitely one to uphold this year. Here’s to 2018 x

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