Celebrating Valentines Day with Love Layla (Explicit Content Warning) #AD


Something a little bit different from me today.  I will warn you now if you don’t like swear words or dirty jokes you might want to avert your eyes. You’ve been warned, let’s get stuck in.

You may not know it but I do have a dirty/wicked sense of humour. In fact I do love comedy and having a good laugh is what it’s all about. So when Love Layla got in touch asking if I’d like to collaborate with them on a Valentines project I jumped at the chance. You may recognise the brand as they have a huge following on Facebook, in fact I bet in your Facebook feed right now someone has shared something from their page. They have a great sense of humour and the people behind the brand are super lovely too. A husband and wife team who started their business on the dining table. Now they operate with 4 members of staff (who are all family!). The name Layla? Well that’s the couples 3 year old who recognises her name on the office door and naturally assumes she runs the world! How amazing is that!

We don’t really celebrate Valentines Day because February is a busy month for us. My birthday, my husbands birthday and our wedding anniversary. Not to mention that this year if baby girl decides to turn up early we could be adding another special date. However we do always buy each other a funny card. It’s a competition between us. My husband sometimes goes for the over the top soppy cards that make you want to throw up and I pick one that’s either offensive or hilarious. I think this year I’m going to win!

I haven’t shared the whole range of cards but there are plenty. Everything from “You’re my favourite blanket stealer” (looking at my husband on this one) to some very dirty ones. I’ll let you head over to the site and see for yourself. I can guarantee you’ll be in for a laugh and it’s nice to not take things seriously. I know lots of people are anti-valentines saying why do we need a day to celebrate our love when we can celebrate it everyday. Well why not have a special day. There’s not enough love shared. So if by having Valentines Day we all get a little bit closer to our loved ones then why not celebrate it!

There’s more than just cards available too. Everything from balloons, wrapping paper, wine labels and badges. There is free delivery on every order too. Can’t argue at that can you?

I’d love to hear your Valentines plans (keep it clean please!). Do you celebrate it?

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