Becoming a Mother of Two with Jo Jo Maman Bebe

Today marks being 32 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy has flown by and last week I finally had some time to start getting things ready for baby. We are fortunate in that we kept pretty much all of Edith’s clothes so we really didn’t need that much but having a new baby is so special we wanted a few new pieces, especially to bring the baby home in. What is it about that first little outfit huh?

Jo Jo Maman Bebe asked me if I would like to pick out a few pieces for the new baby and of course a few “big sister” presents for Edith. Jo Jo Maman Bebe is a brand I totally adore so I of course jumped at the chance. All of the pieces I picked out are so well made and perfect for delicate skin, whether it’s that of a newborn or a toddler. The delivery came at a perfect time and it really started to hit home that very soon I’m going to be a mother of two. Eeek. Even writing that out is scary and exciting in one big bundle.

I really wanted Edith to have a sister, not that we minded either way, but I think a girl needs a sister to help her out. Whether it’s stealing make up from them or having someone there for extra advice. It’s just a lovely relationship and as they are only going to be two and half years apart I’m hoping they will have a great relationship. Of course I’m still expecting teenage mood swings from them and sibling fights, because that’s what being a sibling is all about!

Becoming a Mama of Two

My worries about Edith becoming a big sister are nothing to do with not enough love to go around. I know that I can love this baby as equally and as much as I completely adore Edith. And adding a little friend for her to play with/ boss around is going to be amazing to see. I guess my worries are that Edith will feel like we don’t have time for her. I, of course, will make as much time for her as I can. Some days it makes me feel all emotional to know that Edith will have to share me with the new baby.

Edith has a lot of love to give and I know she is going to absolutely love being a big sister but I guess these second child worries are just part and parcel of becoming a Mama of two. I can’t wait to see the mischief they get up to. They’re going to be running circles around me, quite literally in Edith’s case! I can’t wait for family occasions to share that with another little one. It’s so exciting.

Picking out Big Sister Presents

I’m sure we’re going to have ups and downs with Edith becoming a big sister but I know she will take all of this in her stride and completely love being the boss, I mean being a big sister. I picked out two pieces from Jo Jo Maman Bebe for Edith and I’m not very good at keeping presents from her, because spoiling her is what I do best, so she’s already worn and played with them!

The first thing I picked out is the gorgeous duck knitted cardigan. The beautiful mustard colour suits Edith so well and I knew she would love the ducks on it. When it arrived she wanted to wear it straight away. The cardigan it’s self is super soft and I love it even more in person.

I also picked out this little macaron set. It was an immediate hit and she’s gone to bed with one of the little cakes in her bed everyday since it arrived. It’s so pretty and I love wooden toys!

As for baby girl, who’s name we have decided on but we’re keeping it quiet until she’s in our arms. I picked out a beautiful traditional receiving shawl. Edith had a beautiful pale pink blanket to come home in. I knew that I wanted to get baby girl a new one so we would remember the blanket she came home in. It’s the little things like that that you look forward to when your feeling huge and fed up with pregnancy isn’t it?

The beautiful floral, Peter Pan collared body suit is totally my style too. I love baby girls in floral. Most of Edith’s clothes were floral. I just thought that it would go so perfectly with a pair of knitted leggings and a hair bow. I’m getting them on now before she hates them like Edith!

And last but not least the outfit she will wear when she’s born. The most beautiful sleepsuit embroidered with delicate little gold stars. It’s so beautiful and I keep doing that pregnant Mama thing of holding it on my shoulder imaging baby girl in it. I think I’ve forgotten just how small newborns are.

These little purchases are the first things we’ve got for baby girl and oh my it’s exciting. Only 8 weeks to go!

If you’re a Mama of two (or more) I’d love to hear your experiences of becoming a Mama of two. Give me your best advice!

The items featured in this post were gifted to me from Jo Jo Maman Bebe. All ideas, thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to the brands that continue to support Little Paper Swans.


  1. Moonsomnia

    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos and journey with us. I adore the items you chose, especially the new baby sleep suit with stars, baby number 2 will look gorgeous in it! I am a mum of two myself however it was a little unconventional, my eldest was already 5 when D was born and I had a new partner and an almost completely different life! That said, two girls is a blessing because despite the pre teen angst and the sibling bickering, it is well worth growing up with your best friend…


  2. Helen

    Aww I’m also such a big JoJo Maman Bebe fan – their Peter Pan collared outfits are the stars of both my daughter’s wardrobes! It’s so exciting that there is only 8 weeks to go – it only feels like yesterday since you announced your pregnancy 🙂 #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Mrs Lighty

    Beautiful photography. How gorgeous are the little macarons?! Amazing clothes too, you’re going to have some seriously well dressed little people on your hands! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! Thank you for linking this to #DreamTeam.

  4. Confessions of a New Mummy

    Good luck for the remaining weeks! Those second child worries will melt away before you know it and you’ll look back wondering what you were worried about. There’s some gorgeous items here, I absolutely adore the cardigan! Thanks for linking up #twinklytuesday

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