32 Week Pregnancy Update – Baby #2

32 Week Pregnancy Update Milk Bath Maternity Photos

Time for my 32 Week Pregnancy Update. I can’t quite believe we are in the final countdown. I’m not sure what it is but as soon as you hit 30 weeks, things get real and suddenly you realise that actually very soon you’re going to have to push this baby out. So to have hit 32 weeks pregnant is a huge step to the final days of this pregnancy. The weeks have just flow by, I know I sound like a broken record but honestly this pregnancy has just gone so quickly. I think being pregnant over Christmas makes everything go so much quicker. So here it is my 32 Week Pregnancy Update.


The baby is the size of a squash, measures 16.7 inches and weighs around 3.8 pounds already. Eeeek.

This baby girl is kicking up and storm and after a couple of really uncomfortable days I think she’s finally moved round to go head down. Kicks and movements are huge and move my whole belly. She’s very good at kicking right into my hips and putting so much pressure on my bladder I think she’s either going to fall out or I’m going to wet myself. But I guess being as big as she now that’s just my life for the next 8 weeks.

32 Week Pregnancy Update Milk Bath Maternity Photos

32 Week Pregnancy Update Milk Bath Maternity Photos

How I’m Feeling

Oh where do I start on this one. I have had a bit of a rough 4 weeks. I’ve been so busy with moving, working and then Christmas I’ve burnt myself out. Taking a week off at Christmas was so lovely and it showed me that I need to slow down. However things are picking up with my work so although I am going to slow down I’ve got quite a bit to do before I can have that rest. I still plan to take a maternity leave (of sorts) from the 6th of February, a month before her due date. But that is subject to change.

I feel huge, walking too far hurts EVERYTHING, I’m out of breath most of the day and my hormones are playing me up massively. This week for example. There has been a lot of tears shed. I definitely need a few lazy days to counteract everything. This band has been helping a lot too. I definitely recommend getting yourself one if you’re struggling, it helps to take some of the weight off.

32 Week Pregnancy Update Milk Bath Maternity Photos

Weight Gain & Diet

So I had a Doctors appointment for our new surgery and they weighed me at that appointment. I have put on 2 1/4 stone so far. Eeek. No wonder I’m struggling. I’m 5ft 4in so it’s a lot of extra weight for my frame to carry. I put on 2 1/2 stone with Edith which I lost in the first two weeks post partum so I’m hoping that this is going to happen again. Although I have indulged a little bit more, especially over Christmas. So who knows!

As for diet Christmas involved a lot of eating! Chocolate is still my number one food. I still don’t have any cravings but I still have a few aversions Pizza is still not as appealing as it used to be and sometimes chicken makes me want to throw up in my mouth. Oh the joys.

Bump & Clothes

My bump is pretty damn huge. It’s measuring 32cm which is spot on for what it should be. I have this funny feeling that this baby girl is going to be smaller than Edith and that a lot of it is water but it’s all just a guess.

As for clothes, I’m totally fed up with the same 4 outfits I wear. My thoughts are already on the clothes I can buy for Spring once I’ve gone back to my normal size (ish). Assuming that I go back to my same size again. Oh how I love the benefits of breastfeeding!

32 Week Pregnancy Update Milk Bath Maternity Photos

32 Week Pregnancy Update Milk Bath Maternity Photos


Where do I start on this one. I had a 28 week appointment as normal. We then switched Dr’s in the move and I asked them if I need an appointment at 31 weeks. My notes say yes but my old midwife said see you at 34 weeks as it’s my second baby. They thought it would be a good idea to book in with them and get an appointment at 31 weeks so I could I meet my new midwife. I couldn’t get an appointment for when I needed it but they booked me in an appointment for 32 weeks. Or so I thought.

An hour and a half before my appointment I received a phonecall on a withheld number. I was on the way to pick up Edith so I didn’t answer. They called again and left a message saying could I call them back it was the Dr’s. I rang and the lady I spoke to said oh I don’t know anything about that. Explaining that I had a midwife appointment that afternoon and I could hear her asking her colleague.

I was then told that the receptionist who I had booked the appointment with had booked me in with a nurse and not a midwife so I didn’t have an appointment. She then proceeded to ask me if I really needed an appointment. I said well yes, you advised it and I will need to get this appointment in before I have to have another one at 34 weeks. They said they would speak to the midwife and then call me back.

On the walk over to my Mum’s they called back and said that the midwife has never heard of me so I would need a booking in appointment. Which is what you have at 8 weeks. I told them that I was 32 weeks pregnant and because they didn’t have appointments the week before I was already a week behind. The midwife was fully booked and refused to squeeze me in. I only wanted a a basic check up and to meet the midwife I’m supposed to be trusting for the remainder on my pregnancy. By this point I was very hormonal and extremely angry at the mess up the lady had made. She made it even worse by saying “I’m not making excuses but” I mean if that’s not enough to get your worked up normally but add in raging hormones.

I burst into tears walking along the street. My defense when I’m angry is to cry I don’t shout or get violent I full on sob. That’s what I did on the phone. She tried to give me information for other clinics I could attend but I told her I’m walking right now I can’t take down details. She then tried to say well let’s book in your next appointment. By this point I had had enough and said I’m going now and hung up. I was so angry.

It wasn’t over yet. I called the clinic I was recommended. The first lady didn’t know about the clinics so put me through to a man. He told me although they advertise that they have a clinic there it’s not there yet so gave me another number to call. I called that number and was number 2 in the queue for 10 minutes without moving. I hung up and tried again 30 minutes later. Getting through after another wait to a lady who didn’t seem particularly happy to be taking phonecalls. Explaining what had happened and she said “okay, one minute”.

The phone went dead for a few seconds and then it started to ring. By this point I gathered I had been transferred to someone else. I then got through to that person only to be met with an answer machine as the person was busy. I left a message explaining for the 5th time that day what had happened. A lady called me back 30 minutes later. Luckily she was lovely and could probably sense my frustration. They didn’t have any appointments available but she said she would double book an appointment and I will be seen.

So yesterday I went for the appointment only to be met by a midwife who seemed distant. She asked basic questions and did the checks required but with no conversation in between. Nothing to put me at ease. I tried to make small talk and she just agreed or nodded her head. Even Edith couldn’t charm her as much as she normally does. She did crack a little smile but even then I think it must have pained her. I now have an appointment at the surgery with the midwife (hopefully) for 34 weeks. I’m hoping that she’s a little nicer and puts me at ease. The midwife I saw before was so lovely and this experience has really stressed me out and got me down. Adding that to my busy week and grumpy teething toddler it’s safe to say this week has been one of the hardest.

Everything was fine with me and baby girl which is the main thing but I’m hoping that the next 4 weeks run a lot smoother. Keeping everything crossed.

That’s it for my 32 Week Pregnancy Update with this baby. You can read my 32 Week Pregnancy Update with Edith here.


  1. Sophie

    It’s lovely to read other woman’s experiences of pregnancy. Mine were a while ago now but I still remember the backache and the tiredness! Good luck. Not long to go now. Lovely photographs by the way. #the satsesh

  2. Mackenzie Glanville

    your photos are just beautiful. I have to say that you are one o my very favourite Instagramers! I remember how heavy it can feel as baby grows, and how uncomfortable it is to move, and sleep and everything else. It is such a mix of magic and beautiful times with tiredness and nervousness. Make sure you take good care of yourself. #thesatsesh

  3. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    I’m so sorry to hear about your stressful appointments – it’s not what you need at all at this point. I completely remember how difficult and uncomfortable everything was for me from 30 weeks onwards. That’s lovely that you’re planning on a month off before your due date – I worked really close to mine and wish I’d taken a bit more time now. Best of luck for your last few weeks. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  4. Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

    I’m remember feeling the same at 30 weeks, it suddenly feels very real and very uncomfortable. I hope you manage to take the time off leading up to the birth, I did this and really needed it. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  5. fridgesays

    #thesatsesh shhhhhh a linky baby, how exciting….ummm check you out in the bath with fleurs and all. Im totally jel of all of these pictures – what lovely memories to keep. I’m with you on the appointment chaos, it adds to the trauma of it all and means you can’t always relax. enjoy those spring plans 🙂

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