#xmashashtagchallenge – Instagram Challenge

After the success of the #autumnhashtagchallenge it was decided that a Christmas edition would take place. So after much planning it’s finally time to reveal it to you, here it is #xmashashtagchallenge . Like #theweeklyhashtagchallenge it’s being co-hosted by myself and Laura from Edinburgh Life – With Kids.

As you can see this challenge is slightly longer than the Autumn one. It’s 12 days, for the 12 days of Christmas. See what I did there?

Like last time it’s supposed to help you get creative and inspire your Instagram a little. Of course we would love you to join in everyday, but there is no pressure and if you can’t please don’t stress.

#xmashashtagchallenge an open book with fairy lights photograph

Each prompt will help you to get into the festive spirit as we count down the days until Christmas. You can take the prompt literally or get as creative as you like. I’ve already started pinning a few ideas myself!

I can’t wait to create another little community around it again and we would love you to join in with us.

The benefits of joining in with the #xmashashtagchallenge?

Gaining new accounts to follow, who might possibly follow you back.

Engaging with others on Instagram, which can help “boost” your photographs up the algorithm.

Getting creative with your photography and spending a little time curating your gallery.

Posting everyday, which can definitely help your visibility!

Both Laura and I will share our favourite images the next day which again boosts your visibility.

#xmashashtagchallenge girl holding eucalyptus photograph

So if you want to join us and I hope that I’ve convinced you to! You’ll need to do the following.

How to join in with the #xmashashtagchallenge

Follow each prompt, getting as creative as you like.

Use the #xmashashtagchallengepost

Tag myself @littlepaperswan and Laura @edinburghwithkids in your image or caption (just so we don’t miss them!)

Engage with others taking part.

And have lots of fun and get excited for Christmas.

So will you be joining us?

#xmashashtagchallenge prompt list



  1. Jenny

    What a great idea! And such a fab way to help people stay inspired when they are lacking light and the usual loves during this festive season. I will do my best to take part but I am usually really bad at remembering these things!!

    Jenny | jacandthebox.co.uk

  2. Elizabeth

    Love the sound of this, but the light where I live these days has completely disappeared! We’re living every day in the pitch black which is making it really difficult to take photographs…

  3. Jenni

    It’s a lovely idea! I’m already taking part in another December daily challenge, but if there are any days I can double up on I’ll join in x

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