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This post has been written in collaboration with VELUX.

As you may know were moving house and of course my mind is not on the logistics of moving but how I can make the house look pretty. So I’ve been on Pinterest, naturally, and I have started to plan how I would like things to look.

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Our new house has a nice fire place so a nice big mirror over the top of it is an essential for me. Our house at the moment is really lacking in mirrors so it’s definitely on my list. I then want to add some pretty decor to the fire place, I do have a few bits already from our shelves at the old house but a few new bits would set it off.

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At the moment I don’t have an office, I have a small space in the corner of our dining room. However at the new house we have the potential to turn the loft into an office space, which makes me rather happy. The only thing that concerns me is the lack of natural light, we could however add a roof window, which let the light in.

VELUX make clever roof windows and blinds that would be perfect for this. There are so many options to consider, you can see those here.

I would love a light, bright and airy office space. With lots of storage.

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Our kitchen is slightly smaller but we do have utility room and walk in pantry which I’ve very excited about, oh the things you get excited about when you’re older. Of course my mind is on how to organise things and to make it look pretty.

I have a few nice wooden chopping boards already which will live on the side, along with a few plants. The pantry needs some little baskets to organise the food and a trolley too to provide a little extra storage. The new house has a beam that has some hooks on it and my first thought was pretty fairy lights, that might just be left up all year round!

I love the potential of moving into a new house, there are so many ideas that run through my mind and I can’t wait to get settled. I’m sure I’ll be sharing a few sneak peeks of the new house on here and via Instagram. So keep an eye out for those?

Do you love interiors as much as I do?

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