Everyday Creativity – My New Online Photography E-Course

So my last post before the Christmas break, it had to be a good one didn’t it! I thought it was about time to launch my brand Online Photography  E-course. I had great success with my phone photography course back in the spring, which you can now download as a self paced course, I decided to create a brand new one for the brand new year.

Everyday Creativity – Online Photography E-Course

This course concentrates more on creativity than technical. Although there are of course some technical elements. The aim of the course is to get you thinking about your photography. Social media seems to be full of creative photographers and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. I like to keep my photography simple using creative techniques instead.

This course will teach you to use everyday objects in your photographs and to see what maybe you haven’t seen before.

If you decide to join me, in a bid to get more creative with your photography, it will be for four weeks. Starting on Wednesday the 10th January. By the end you will be left feeling inspired and ready to create beautiful images.

photography backdrops

The lessons will be broken down as follows:

Week One – Finding Creativity Within Your Feed

Where are you lacking creativity?
What do you photograph?
How can you make it more visually appealing?

Week Two – Photography Techniques, Thinking Outside The Box

Different angles, light techniques, composition.
Where can you photograph things?
Keeping it authentic to you.
Bring it back to basics. What do you have around you? Finding beauty in simplicity.

Week Three – Using & Creating Video Content

How to incorporate video into your gallery.
How simple video is to use.
Making one thing move/ using movement.
Why use video?

Week Four – Planning & Content Creation

Although creativity is great when it’s spontaneous, quite often you need to have things in place just to help you along the way. Whether that’s just a prompt or a theme.
Your 28 day photography guide.
Is gallery curation right for you?

You will receive the lessons via email. The PDF is then available for you to download and work through. Of course there are no strict deadlines but it would beneficial to all if you could keep up with each week as there will be support will be via a private Facebook group for the course, this gives you the chance to meet the other students on the course.

So keeping up, as best you can, will mean that everyone is doing the same thing at the same time. With my last course, which was taught to 30 students, we created a wonderful and supportive community and I would love to create that again with this course.

You can find further details and to purchase my Online Photography E-Course by clicking here. I can’t wait to get started and start my maternity leave on the high of the success of this course.

Of course if you have any questions pop them in the comments below or email me via the usual address.


  1. Emma T

    Hope the course goes well. This is certainly not my forte, although I did a similar creative photography idea series in December which was good to get me thinking. #sharingthebloglove

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