My Christmas Table (Sponsored)

Christmas table ideas

Christmas table ideas

Christmas table ideas

I feel like I’m starting my Christmas content really late but in all honesty I’ve only just got into the festive spirit with being pregnant and moving, I’ve not had much time to think about Christmas. But now the decorations are tree are up I’m getting into the full swing of things.

Although we are not hosting Christmas this year I still love to set the table. It’s something I have always loved and I can remember doing it ever since I was a little girl. I thought that I would share what my Christmas table is going to look like this year. I hope you like it, it’s not very traditional but it’s still lovely and festive!

The placemats are something I’ve been after for a while. I love the woven look and these fabric ones are perfect as it means Edith can’t break them. They compliment the table really nicely and will be great for after Christmas too.

I like the plates to be a simple colour and preferably neutral. I went for cream and then a pretty blush pink napkin on top. I’m not too fussed with cutlery so I’m just using the silver set we have although a beautiful copper coloured set would be a perfect addition to your Christmas table.

Christmas table ideas

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I finished off the the plates and napkins with a little sprig of Christmas tree. My mum planted one she had and it’s grown huge. So I took some trimmings to make a garland for our fireplace and used the leftovers for the table.

I made my own crackers as I find it difficult to find beautiful designs that don’t cost the earth. I printed the polka dot paper and used kitchen roll tubes cut to size, with a snap inside. I then popped in a little gift and joke and paper hat (which you can get online). I’m totally in love with them.

We’ve just purchased a new dining table and chairs but they won’t be used for Christmas as like I said we are not hosting this year. But a beautiful dining table and chairs to compliment are essential to make sure everyone is sitting comfortably for the big event.

Are you fussy and design how it’s going to look or do you just go with the flow on the day? I’d love to hear your Christmas table plans.

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