28 Week Pregnancy Update

28 Week Pregnancy Update

I’m not running too behind this month but I can’t quite believe that I’m writing my 28 Week Pregnancy Update already. This pregnancy as gone so quickly already and soon I’ll be a mother to two. Eeek. Suddenly I feel very unprepared.

I think this time because we are having another girl and we kept most of Edith’s things so we have pretty much everything we need. There’s only a few things to pick up and I’ve had it in my mind that after Christmas my focus will shift to this baby.

But here we are. The third trimester. Time for my 28 Week Pregnancy Update.


The baby is the size of an aubergine/eggplant, measures 14.8 inches and weighs around 2.2 pounds already! No wonder it feels like I’m huge.

Baby girl is still kicking and the movements have got bigger. Like whole body movements. I can feel her shifting around a lot and it’s quite uncomfortable sometimes.

How I’m Feeling

One word tired. It’s been really hard. I’ve struggled a lot mainly because I’ve been taking on too much. With moving house I spent the last month packing, unpacking, cleaning and sorting. It’s been a bit relentless and I’ve definitely done more than I should have. I’m very excited to take a break over Christmas and I’m writing this in advance so I should hopefully me able to take some “me time” and focus on me and this baby girl.

Weight Gain and Diet

I still haven’t weighed myself and with Christmas around the corner I probably won’t bother! I’m still craving sweet foods and coke. Which is very unhealthy but I do give in every now and then. There’s got to be some perks to being pregnant hasn’t there?

Bump & Clothes

My maternity jeans are starting to get a little tighter and vest tops and knitwear now rise up quite a bit. I’m going to have to dig out some of the bigger bits from my wardrobe and work out what I can wear without flashing everyone. Although I do plan to live in Pj’s over the Christmas holidays.

As for my bump I feel pretty huge and a lot bigger than I was with Edith.


I did have to go see my midwife at 25 weeks as I thought I had a water infection because I had so much uncomfortable pressure on my bladder/pelvis. I didn’t and she said that it was probably just because she was laying so low. She recommended booking in with physio if it gets worse and getting one of those bump bands.

I then had my 28 week appointment last week. Everything is going well. I heard her heartbeat and she was laying right down low again. My midwife seemed really happy with how things are going.

And that’s it. I suppose we should start thinking about names and packing hospital bags soon. Eeek.

P.S how beautiful are my slippers from Hunkemoller, there’s still to order them in time for Christmas too! They were very kindly sent to me, they’re so comfy and they have been so good for this cold weather!

That’s it my 28 Week Pregnancy Update. You can read all about my pregnancy with Edith here.


  1. candice

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I love reading about pregnancies and birthing stories. Im really happy for you and glad all is going so well! My first pregnancy was a dream (after the first 3 month had past, sickness!) but the rest was smooth sailing. My second however, the moment i fell pregnant to the moment i delivered was not nice, plagued by gestational diabetes and all my vitamin levels were super low, and constant extreme tiredness! But even so, i miss being pregnant. The feeling of a tiny little human growing, then meeting them for the first time, its just so special. Good luck withthe rest of your pregnancy and your labor, hope its safe and fast x

  2. rach

    Glad to hear all is going well. Towards the end of both of my pregnancies I was wearing my hubby’s jogging bottoms and t’shirts as my maternity clothes got too small. I then had to replace his clothes after as i stretched them too much lol!

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