24 Week Pregnancy Update – Baby #2

24 Week Pregnancy Update

24 Week Pregnancy Update

24 Week Pregnancy Update

Time for my 24 Week Pregnancy Update. Only two and half weeks late! Oooops. It just goes to show you how quickly time is going with this pregnancy, I’m not that far off the third trimester which is crazy!

I thought I’d share some bump photos and the outfit I wore to London. It was so nice to find something to wear that was flattering (not maternity) and only cost £12.50. This tunic from ASDA was perfect, with maternity jeans and studded boots from New Look and this beautiful camel coat that came from a charity shop a few years ago.


At 24 weeks baby is a big as a cantaloupe, which is crazy big already! Baby measures 11.8 inches and weighs around 1.3 pounds.

This little girl is kicking away and has got herself into a routine now. She sleeps when I’m up and doing things and as soon as I sit down she decides it’s time for a rave.

24 Week Pregnancy Update

How I’m Feeling

The sickness has gone, the tiredness is still here but I think that is just my life now! I’ve had killer heartburn the last week or so. I even bought some Gaviscon but it has stopped since I got it. Typical huh. Although I’m sure it will return.

Sleeping has been a little better and I’ve found that a cushion under my hips and bump and one between my legs helps to feel less sore in the night.

I’ve probably been feeling my best since finding out I was pregnant these past 4 weeks. I remember it was the same with Edith. I think it’s because you get that bonding of knowing who’s inside and you’re over most of the sickness and rubbish feelings.

Weight Gain & Diet

I’m not sure on the weight gain but I feel huge! I said to my husband the other day that I feel like my boobs have got fuller and he told me that my bum was bigger too! I guess I’m starting to get rounder already haha.

As for diet I’ve still been about sweet things. There’s still a few food aversions like cold chicken wraps, sausages (sometimes). I have eaten pizza since and I actually enjoyed it for the first time in 24 weeks!

24 Week Pregnancy Update

Bump & dresses

My bump feels rather big already and I’m definitely a lot bigger this time. I’m all about maternity clothes, jeans, vests and even jumpers! It’s funny being pregnant through Winter though as my coat hides my bump a lot so most people don’t realise until I unbutton my coat!


I have a 28 week appointment on the 12th December.

That’s my 24 Week Pregnancy Update. It’s been quite a good 4 weeks. I’ll let you in to a little spoiler for my next update, the feeling good didn’t last long haha. But you can read all about that next time.


  1. Sim @ Simslife.co.uk

    Awwww you are totally rocking it, you and bump look gorgeous! Glad the sickness has gone – totally sending my sympathy about the heartburn, try eating bananas and yoghurt when suffering, it helps a little! Sim xx

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