Uncommon Goods Christmas Gift Guide

Uncommon Good Christmas Gift Guide

Uncommon Goods Christmas Gift Guide

As I have well and truly kicked off my Christmas posts I thought it was time for my first gift guide. I only have a few planned but hopefully you will find them useful when you are searching for the perfect present. I have included a good round up of products so hopefully there will be something that takes your fancy. I’ve not picked loads of things as I think it can be quite overwhelming when there is too much to choose from.

I have collaborated with Uncommon Goods on this gift guide. Uncommon Goods provide a platform for artists and designers and half of what they sell is made by hand. They believe in products that are created in harmony with the environment without harm to people or animals. They also believe in fair pay and even their lowest paid worker starts on a figure 50% above minimum wage. It’s one of those brands where buying from them makes you feel good!

So here are my top picks for my Uncommon Goods Christmas Gift Guide.

  1. Nordic Tea Light Trough

I am a huge candle fan and this is something different for candle lovers. It’s also perfect for winter in general. It creates such a cosy feeling.

2. Scratch Map Deluxe

This is great idea for people that love traveling. You can scratch off the places you have visited. I think it’s a really lovely way of seeing where you have been.

3. Personalised Constellation of Love

I think this is such a beautiful idea. I love the fact you can have a little piece of the night sky on your wall and it’s such a meaningful gift.

4. Cork Globe

Again another one for the avid traveler. You can pop a pin into the places you have visited or you could just have it as a really nice piece of decor. I think this would look amazing styled up on a shelf.

5. Diana Instant Camera

Of course it wouldn’t be a gift guided from me if I didn’t include something to do with photography. I have an instant camera but I have always loved the Diana’s they let in such a gorgeous light leak and they create some wonderful photographs. A must for a photography lover.

Uncommon Good Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Ms. Food Face Plate

Edith would absolutely love this and it’s such a great idea to help encourage children to eat. As much as you’re told to not play with your food sometimes it’s just too fun not too.

2. Mama Bear Necklace

How gorgeous is this? I love the fact you can have as many bear cubs as you like on it. It would make such a lovely present for a Mama.

3. Tortilla Baby Wrap

This is definitely a gift for my husband for the baby. He loves wraps and it would make such a great joke present. I mean who wouldn’t need a baby dressed up as a tortilla wrap?

4. Mr Food Face Plate

I couldn’t possibly leave Mr Food out could I?

5. Finger Puppet Tooth Brush Set

This would make a great present for Edith as she can sometimes be a right pain when it comes to brushing her teeth. This would make it fun for her and hopefully encourage her that brushing your teeth isn’t the reason for a tantrum.

I hope you enjoyed my round up. There are some great gifts on Uncommon Goods but this is just my choices for my Uncommon Goods Christmas Gift Guide.

Which is your favourite?


This post is written in paid collaboration with Uncommon Goods. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to the brands who continue to support Little Paper Swans.

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