Newborn Essentials For Baby Number 2

Little art collection patterned muslin

Little art collection patterned muslin

Newborn Essentials

With expecting our second baby you would think that we would be pretty clued up on everything you need for a newborn essentials  (and pregnancy essentials too). However a lot changes in two and a bit years so I asked on Instagram for newborn essentials. The must haves and I got quite a long list. I’ve included everything suggested to me as well as a few other bits that we’re planning to use.


Edith was a very sicky baby so muslins are a huge must! We went through so many in a day. I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous one from Little Art Collection. Look how gorgeous the print is! We’re going to be picking up a few more but we do have some left from Edith that are still in good condition.

White Noise Machine

We didn’t use a white noise machine with Edith but we’ve been sent the SoundBub from Wavhello*. So we will give it a try with this baby. Although Edith has already claimed it as her own and loves the white noise. And if Edith isn’t using it my husband has claimed it as a bluetooth speaker. A function that’s meant for recording calming messages for your baby or playing familiar music to soothe them.

Free rider baby wrap

Free rider baby wrap

Baby Carrier

We were given a wrap when I was pregnant with Edith and although it came in very handy it wasn’t a colour that I loved. This time we said we wanted a pretty wrap that we could both wear. My husband enjoys baby wearing as much as I do, we used to fight over who was wearing Edith. Baby wearing this time around is an essential as I’ll need my hands free for looking after Edith. We’ve been sent this gorgeous wrap from Free Rider*. Oh my it’s so soft, I can’t wait to get a squishy newborn in it. The colour is so beautiful, it’s called Grape. I can’t wait to wear her.

Herobility bottles


Although I’m planning on breastfeeding again I do want to gradually introduce a bottle*, like we did with Edith. This means I can express and my husband can get in on the feeding. We’ve got this beautiful pink one from Herobility. I also got two storage tubs* too, you can keep milk powder in them or snacks. We also have a sippy cup* but once again baby’s older sister has claimed that one!

 Nursing maternity bra

Nursing Bra

Until I had started breastfeeding I didn’t understand how important a comfy bra is. The Fleur Back Fastening Comfort Bra from Theya Healthcare* is super soft and unclips at the front for ease of access. The bra is also designed women post surgery which just goes to show you how comfortable it is.

Selection of pregnancy must haves, including pregnacare, pukka tea bags and various creams.

And a Mum-to-be Essential

The Me Time Box from Baby2Body* is a great gift for Mama’s to be in need of a pamper. Inside is a beautiful bag, that will be perfect for taking in my hospital bag (when I get round to packing it). There’s a great selection of beauty products, herbal teas and of course chocolate! It’s a lovely gift for Mums to be who need a bit of a pamper.

More newborn essentials recommended products:

@kindredhands_ @documentingthedrews @amummything @charstarlsl all of these lovely ladies recommended the Sleepyhead and @kimc88 recommends the Purflo baby nest as a cheaper alternative.

@titchtasmin @charlotte.and.edward and I recommend the Chico Next-2-Me co-sleeper it was a life saver for us. Especially with breastfeeding it meant I didn’t even have to get out of bed to feed Edith. I’m just going to get a new mattress/liner for it.

@jennimcmillan85 recommends the Perfect Prep Machine, perfect for solo night feeds.

A lot of love for Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil. We used it with Edith and it was great for delicate newborn skin – @thatmakesher & @charlotte.and.edward both agree!

There was also a lot of love for the Angelcare bath seat. We are in need of a new one so will definitely be picking one up.

Also lots of love for Gro sleeping bags. We had some with Edith and they are perfect for babies who like to wiggle free from covers!

What are/were your must have newborn items?

Products marked with a * have been sent to us for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to the brands who continue to support Little Paper Swans.

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