Plan but don’t schedule Instagram posts.

plan don't schedule Instagram posts

Over this past year I feel like I’ve learnt a lot more about social media and in particular Instagram. I thought I’d share with you a little bit of what I have learned over the said year, including why I don’t schedule Instagram posts but why planning is often key.

Of course social media is also meant to be fun so if like anything you find yourself bogged down in it and it’s not fun anymore, maybe it’s time to step away. I however still have that creative passion for Instagram. Creating photographs I love and interacting with a community of like minded people. Some of the people I would be proud to call friends, even though I have never “met” them. So if you’d like to learn a few tips, then grab a cuppa and stick around.

A lot of social media updates are scheduled well in advance and with software like Social Oomph, it means you can have tweets sent out while you sleep. Sounds great doesn’t it? While I don’t mind using a scheduler for Twitter, I don’t schedule Instagram posts. Of course it’s a great way to stay organised. A lot of bloggers put immense pressure on themselves to stay on top of every form of social media and sometimes it’s just not possible. I’ve decided that focusing on the quality of my blog content and “growing” Instagram community (organically of course) are the most important things to me regarding my blog and social media.

don't schedule Instagram


The biggest reason you shouldn’t schedule your Instagram posts if you are wanting to grow your social media is that you’re not creating a community. Instagram has that community feel and if you disagree, then chances are you haven’t found your community yet. As much as the whole “your vibe attracts your tribe” thing is cringey, it’s also very true. Chances are that there are a good few people out there just like you who will help build your community.

Finding friends that you talk to each day can also be really lovely and help to make you feel less alone in the overwhelming world of social media. Of course it’s not just down to community, although that has a huge role to play. It’s also about finding out when your followers are listening. For example if I schedule my posts for 8:30am every morning I know that my photographs won’t be seen by as many people? Why? Because a lot of my followers are on the school run or commuting to work at that time. However if I upload between 8pm and 9:30pm I know that my followers are online. They are also ready to engage with me.

If I had a scheduler firing out posts for me, chances are I wouldn’t get that engagement. Which then means my photo won’t “do well” and the algorithm will discard my post in the pile of long forgotten posts. Another tip along these lines is that you half to post at least twice or three times a day. Erm nope. Have you seen the huge accounts like @me_and_orla and @allthatisshe they post once a day and sometimes go a little time between each posts and their accounts are huge, hello 379k followers!

don't schedule Instagram


Posting just once a day, at the right time and engaging with your followers and prospective followers is going to gain you far more growth than randomly posting three times a day. Instagram is a huge game and knowing the rules help. Don’t schedule Instagram, being rule number one. It can also break Instagram’s platform policies which can get your account suspended.

The final tip in what has turned into a rather rambling blog post is to engage. Engagement is crucial. You may post a beautiful image with the best hashtags but if you are not engaging with the other photographs on that hashtag or replying to comments or even commenting on others photos you won’t get that crucial engagement that can help grow your following. I persoally would rather have great engagement rates than millions of followers who never like or comment on a photo. So double tap, be nice and write a meaningful comment. No leaving an emoji or nice pic, actually talk about the photograph or the caption. I bet if you did this for a week you would see your engagement go up quite nicely.

So if you’re wondering what Instagram scheduler to get. Don’t. By all means plan what you want to share for that week. In fact planning can be really useful. Knowing what you want to capture rather than posting something just because you feel like to have to. I’m hoping to go into planning in more detail in another post soon.

Plan, don’t schedule Instagram posts.

Don’t fire out a photo from a scheduler just because you think you have too. Take time over you photo, get creative, put a little love into it and engage with your followers and what you are doing. It’s a far better technique than scheduling.


Plan, don’t schedule Instagram posts.

While I have your attention about Instagram, are you following me and joining in with Autumn Hashtag Challenge?


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  1. Mrs Lighty

    Totally agree with this! I use the drafts function a lot to plan my posts. This means that when I’m short of time, I can set them up and literally just push the post button as and when I’m ready. Great advice here. Thank you for linking this to #DeeamTeam!

  2. Lisa (mummascribbles)

    This is a really interesting post to read. I only really do one post a day but I don’t plan them and I don’t think about people being online. I must plan better! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Mackenzie Glanville

    I absolutely love what you have discussed and advised here. I agree totally. I would rather grow organically and have a meaningful community than people who just follow without thought. I love Insta it is by far my favourite social media, I am kind of addicted to gorgeous photos, and I also love keeping my own little album to look back on. I don’t schedule, actually I don’t schedule anything, I tweet when I tweet, and even post blog posts when I feel inspired too. I have a few consistent posts like my linky ones and my Insta community round but thats all. I like to go with the flow and maybe that is technically wrong, but it is me. I have chosen this post as my blog crush this week too.

  4. Wendy

    Love this, I don’t schedule my posts but I do sort of plan. I know ish what kind of content I want to post over the week and try and take my time taking the best photo I can, rather than like you say just posting anything. Because I think I have too. I try and post either first thing in the morning before the school run or around half7 when post of my followers have got the kids in bed.xx #blogcrush

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