Children at Weddings. Yes or No?

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Both my husband and I are from big families. He is one of 7 and I’m one of 4 so we always knew our wedding would never be a small intimate affair. We also knew that we wanted children there to celebrate our day. I mean we had a 5 month old Edith so it would have been rather odd to not have allowed children. I think most peoples concerns on having children at weddings is how to keep them occupied so I thought that I would share how we kept all the children occupied at our wedding.

Simple Wedding Games

We had quite a few games set up for the children. We had an eye spy card with photographs to take, we made our own colouring sheets from photographs of us. It seemed to work really well.There’s a great list of ideas on Wedding Forward too, head over there for more inspiration. We also had a quiz all about ours between our afternoon tea and before the evening started.

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A Photo Booth

Although we didn’t have a photo booth as such we had lots of silly props around so the kids (and adults) could dress up. It definitely kept the kids occupied and even during the speeches when they might have got a bit bored they went off and dressed themselves up.

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A Sweetie Table for the Evening

We had one rule with the sweetie table and that was that it would open in the evening otherwise the kids would have been up there all day. We opened it up at 6pm and it gave them a sugar boost to dance the night away.

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A Goody Bag

Each child had a goody bag full of sweets, bubbles and games to play. These were placed on the tables for afternoon tea and kept them busy while they ate.

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Outside Space

Although we got married on a cold February day the weather was dry. This meant that the kids could run around and play outside. They wrapped up warm and off they went. The venue was contained so they couldn’t escape off into the nearby fields.

In all honesty we enjoyed our day so much we didn’t really notice the kids running around, they all behaved themselves really well and kept themselves occupied. So I hope if you’re worried about having children at weddings these tips put you at ease.

This post is in paid collaboration with Wedding Forward. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Photography by our wonderful photographer Emily Tyler.


  1. Joanne

    I found this post really fascinating despite being an 18-year-olds who hates having to deal with kids, hahaha. The last wedding I went to, they had a separate space for the kids that had a sweets table, balloons, etc. They even hired a clown or something, so this definitely kept the children away from the main ballroom where all the stuff was going on, so I think it was a smart move. The colouring sheets with your photographs are such a terrific idea!
    Have a good week x

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

  2. Faye

    We didn’t have children for our intimate wedding (apart from babies in arms/breastfeeding). I have to say I don’t regret it. Even though I love children. It gave everyone a reason to focus on just them. One of my favourite memories is seeing my best friend dancing with her hubby like they were 18 and not a care in the world! Most of our friends were local though, which makes a big difference.

  3. Newcastle Family Life

    I am busy planning our wedding and we have decided to not have children other than our own and very close family children. Simply because we are both from huge families and if we invited them all our guest list would more then double. I like the idea of sweets in the evening for the few children who will be there though xx

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