Two Year Update – Edith at Two

Toddler Two Year Update

Toddler Two Year Update

Toddler Two Year Update

Edith turned two this week so I thought it was time for her two year update. I honestly can’t believe that our baby is two. I swear that just a second a go she was a newborn. She is such a character and you can’t be sad when Edith is around. She is a ball of energy and enthusiasm and her laugh is still the dirtiest you’ve ever heard.

I also thought it was a great opportunity to show off some more of the photographs we had taken by the incredibly lovely Georgia.

Toddler Two Year Update

Toddler Two Year Update


Edith sleeps through most nights. She normally goes to bed around 7pm and wakes between 6:30 and 7am. Sometimes she’ll wake earlier and other times she will go to bed later too. It all depends on the daytime nap. Which is practically non existent now a days. I would say possibly once a week she will take an afternoon nap, but she would much rather skip it.


Edith hasn’t had breastmilk in over two months now after we weaned her off over the summer. We’ve replaced that milk with cows milk. As for eating she loves breakfast, especially stealing Daddy’s. Porridge and bran flakes are her favourites. As for lunch and dinner. It can be hit and miss. Some days she will eat all of her lunch and not touch dinner, sometimes she’ll eat both and other days she’ll not touch a thing. I guess she’s just balancing herself out.

Toddler Two Year Update

Toddler Two Year Update


I’ve not had Edith officially weighed since her 12 month review and of course we are now at her two year update however I have no concerns. I know she will still be off the scale in her red book but she’s always sat at the top of 98% percentile so it’s not surprise. Edith stood on the scales at my Mum’s quickly and she was just under 39lb. She wears 2-3 clothes with a few pieces in 3-4 but they have plenty of room in them. Edith has her two year check in a couple of weeks so I’m sure they’ll update me/ tell me off.


Sings songs in full. (Wind the bobbin up, twinkle twinkle, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song, hickory dickory dock, songs from Show Me Show Me.)

Speaks in clear full sentences.

Engaging with others. (Bossing them around, sit down, draw, play etc)

Greeting Daddy at the door when he gets in from work. In fact we are in a huge Daddy stage at the moment.

Imaginative play. (Making characters talk, pretending to buy ice creams with pennies)

Walking a lot more independently, she’s so much more confident on her feet now and a lot less clumsy.

Toddler Two Year Update

Toddler Two Year Update

Edith Loves



Ice cream.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Wammy (Lamby from Doc McStuffins).

Playing Doctors.

Being with her family.

Pretending to be a cat. Looking for cats, playing with cats. Cats. She loves them.

Licking. (Yep. Normally our faces. Gross)

Make up. She does hers every morning with me. Which then results in me spending the next 10 minutes cleaning her face.

Pupkins (Also known as pumpkins)

Edith Hates

Bathtime. (Again)

People being upset.

And that’s Edith’s two year update. Happy 2 years baby girl!



  1. Emma

    I love these updates <3 Those first two years really flew by, huh? There's so much I can relate to with Jenson too – he's going though such a Daddy phase at the moment and also links! Normally my knee, which is weird. He'll see dogs licking on TV and then come over and give me a lick. Weirdo. I was surprised at my HV at the two year check – we weren't told off for co-sleeping or still using a dummy, she just said they can offer advise if we want to stop. She's a little beaut though and it looks like you guys are doing a great job 🙂

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