It’s Here. My Blog Re-Design.

Hey there! Do you remember me? I used to blog here.

After a good few months of planning and a good few months of my husband’s friend creating my blog from scratch it’s here and ready to go! Can you believe it? I’m a little bit in love with the new design and logo and it’s not just cosmetically things have changed. I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress, transferred my domain and I’m now completely self hosted. Oh and I’ve got a brand new shiny email address too. I say I, I mean Tom. He’s literally done it all. I can’t thank him enough for putting up with my indecisiveness in the begining and my ability to only see how things look once they are actually done. I’m not great a visualising without seeing it! But we got there.

I’ve had a month of no blogging and in all honesty it’s killed me. It’s made me realise how much I love writing and creating content and it’s given me a huge passion to get lots of great content up. I’ve got a diary full of ideas and collaborations too. It’s all very exciting. There are some exciting months ahead. And I can’t wait.

Last Saturday I launched my new weekly newsletter and it went down really well. I give a bit of a round up of things I’ve enjoyed that week rather than just share my content. I think it’s great to share other peoples work and I know the podcast recommendations were a hit too. Podcasts are one of my favourite things right now. You can sign up to my weekly newsletter using the form in my side bar. Or you can just click right here.



There should *hopefully* be a couple of new posts this week too and then I’ll go into routine of uploading new posts on Tuesdays and Fridays. I’m going to be balancing out posts about motherhood, recipes and our trips out. So it will be a good balance of topics and it will keep things interesting.

It’s crazy to think that my blog, that was created for a New Years Resolution back in 2012 has turned into something that has enabled me to work from home and spend time with my daughter. I’ve had some really bad designs and really bad logos in the past but this one is here to stay for a good while.

There are still a few things to be sorted out on my blog so please bear with me while the small issues are ironed out and I need to go back and archive some really old outdated posts.

But it’s so good to be back.


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  1. Angela

    I love the design and logo. Looks really good. I’ve been thinking of moving to WordPress but wouldn’t know where to start. If only we all had a friend in the know xx

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      Cathryn Wood

      I’m so happy with the move. I’m so glad we paid our friend to do it for me, I just couldn’t deal with the stress of it all with being pregnant. I’m happy to pass over his details if you’d like to speak to him about moving it over. He’s very reasonably priced.

  2. Alisa

    A little late to the party but just wanted to say that your new design looks so lovely and peaceful. Looking forward to digging into some of your content now! 🙂 Alisa xx

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