Weekly Meal Plan #37

Happy Monday and Happy Easter Holidays too! Most of you know my husband is a teacher so I love the holidays as it means we get to spend time together as a family! Wahoo. It also means I get a few work days which means I can crack on with my ebook and there’s going to be a weekly meal plan video too. 

Last week someone asked if this includes our breakfasts and lunch etc. It most definitely does. I’m pretty resourceful and we often have leftovers or homemade soup with both Edith and I love. My husband takes a packed lunch to work and he doesn’t have a huge appetite (unlike me!). I may to a what I eat kind of video/post if people are interested.
As always link up to #mealplanningmonday.

We’re doing the shop today as I was at a wedding show yesterday with my photography stand so we had no time to fit in a shop. I’ve been pretty slack on my newsletter but I’ll be sending it out tonight with our weekly shop receipt and how much things came to or head over to my Youtube Channel and see the haul! 
This week we’re eating:
Homemade Cheese & Onion Pies with Homemade Potato Wedges
Hawaiian Pasta Salad
Homemade Burgers & Homemade Chips
Beef Kofta Curry
Ham & Mushroom Pitta Pizzas
If you’d like to see the inspiration behind my mealplans visit my Pinterest Board.

What’s on your menu this week?

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