Simple Raspberry Panna Cotta

Simple Raspberry Panna Cotta
Simple Raspberry Panna Cotta
You know by now that I like to keep my recipes simple. And this Panna Cotta recipe is no different. It uses such simple ingredients and while it’s not a true Panna Cotta it’s still pretty tasty and very inexpensive to make.
Spring is well and truly here and if you’re like me you feel the need to have a little bit of Spring clean, sprucing up our house, normally with lots of pretty flowers. I’ve already organised my wardrobe, clearing out things that I don’t need anymore. It’s amazing what the change in weather can do. Spring always makes me think of gorgeous pastel colours much like the Panna Cotta.

When it comes to dessert most of the time it has to be chocolate but in the summer I never quite fancy it. With the weather heating up a little it’s got me in the mood for summer desserts and I thought I would share one of my mum’s favourite recipes. She makes this a lot and it is so simple but they look amazing. It proves that you don’t need to go over the top to wow your friends and family when it comes to food and sometimes the most overlooked ingredients can make something really rather tasty.
Raspberry Panna Cotta. It’s such a fancy name for something so simple. It’s 2 ingredients, that’s it. Don’t be put off by the evaporated milk, it’s something I rarely use but you don’t taste it, it just adds a lovely creaminess. If you really don’t want to use it use 400ml of whole milk instead.
 It would make a perfect afternoon tea treat too with it’s beautiful pastel pink colouring. This is a great recipe to make and it’s not too rich or over the top. Just a simple but delicious dessert.

Simple Raspberry Panna Cotta
Simple Raspberry Panna Cotta
Simple Raspberry Panna Cotta
– Serves 4 – 
1 packet of powdered raspberry jelly
410g evaporated milk
Place your jelly powder into a measuring jug and add enough boiling water to bring it to the 200ml mark.
Set aside for 5 minutes.
Once cooler add the evaporated milk whilst continuously stirring. 
Pour into teacups and leave to set for 4-6 hours. 
* This post is in collaboration with Satsuma

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