Mothers Day Idea – AA Skincare Gift Set – Frankincense & Rose

Mothers Day Idea - AA Skincare Gift Set - Frankincense & Rose
Mothers Day Idea - AA Skincare Gift Set - Frankincense & Rose
Okay listen up. I’m mainly talking to husbands and sons here. It won’t be long until you’re faced with the decision as what to buy your Mum or your wife/girlfriend a Mothers Day present. As Edith is still a touch too young to pick or make me a present that means it’s down to my husband so I guess the hint dropping had better start soon as the 26th of March is starting to creep around the corner.
I’m only kidding of course, my husband always picks out beautiful presents and I’m sure the men in your lives will pick out something lovely for you. Or buy this for your Mum. Once you are a Mum you definitely value your mum even more. The things they had to go through. So yeah Mum’s, you, we, all deserve a treat!
You may remember that I was lucky enough to review the Love it Box from Amphora Aromatics for Valentines Day. Well they’ve got a whole heap of gorgeous gift sets that would be just perfect for Mothers Day and this Frankincense and Rose Skincare gift set is perfect for someone like me.
I love skincare and beauty products but I rarely treat myself anymore. This skincare gift set feels like such a luxury and what’s great is that I use it. Everyday. In fact, twice a day.
Mothers Day Idea - AA Skincare Gift Set - Frankincense & Rose
Mothers Day Idea - AA Skincare Gift Set - Frankincense & Rose
The gift set consists of a Frankincense & Rose face gel, face toner and face cream. The perfect three step skincare regime. The face gel is hydrating, something my skin craves, and toning which is perfect for my combination skin. The gel lathers up which I like as I feel like it really gets deep down into my pores without being too harsh. Of course the whole range is completely natural and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed.
The next step in the face toner. It’s in a handy spray bottle and although the directions say to apply to a cotton pad first, in the mornings I quite like a spritz instead as it really wakes me up, be careful of your eyes though! The toner is gentle too as some can be really harsh. Toner is a step I skip a lot but I’ve kept on board with this and my skin loves me for it!
And finally the face cream. Oh it’s so moisturising I could just keep applying it! It’s packed with more than twenty natural ingredients and it leaves my skin so soft and refreshed. It can even help to reduce signs of ageing!
I’m going to be completely honest with you, I didn’t know if I would like this skincare. My skin can freak out when I try something new, but it’s so perfect for my skin. It’s gentle enough to not irritate but works!
If you’re looking to treat your Mum or even yourself head over to Amphora Aromatics. The skincare gift set is available to purchase for £21.50, which is a total bargain! 
*The skincare gift set was sent to me for purpose of review. This is no way alters my opinion of the product, all views are my own. * 

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