Celebrating My Mum with Songfinch

Mother’s Day is so much more special when you’re a mum and finding the right gift for your own mum can be pretty hard now you know what she had to put up with, haha! I tend to go for something practical that she can use or something that’s really sentimental. Luckily a few days before an email landed in my inbox from the lovely people at Songfinch. They write personalised songs for special occasions. Now to begin with I thought this sounded super cheesey and I didn’t think I would like them. How wrong I was! I listened to a few examples and fell in love.

The whole process is really simple. You just write your story, about how you know the person, what they’ve been through and what you want to say to them. You the pick the genre, I opted for folk as both my Mum and I enjoy it. You can even pick the singer, I didn’t mind so opted for surprise me.
A few days later the song was ready. How amazing is that! Something so personalised.
When Mothers Day came along I played my Mum the song, now I was never expecting tears. She’s a tough cookie but she really loved it! It was such a nice thought. And it just so happens that a good few years ago she did something similar for my Nanny, not as personalised as this but still, great minds huh?
If you’d like to have a listen you can do that here. And I’ve popped some of the lyrics below.
” That it was the messy days
In the kitchen learning to cook
And I was taught to keep my love and my laughter
In the same drawer as the cook book
And I was there with you
My mother dear
And now I’m here to say
That you are patient
Loyal and good
And I wish that I could love you
As well as I should
But I will never match
The love that you give
It fills the oceans
And it’s for your love I live”
Songfinch have given we a discount code for you to use. So if you have a special occasion and you just don’t know what to get. They’ve got you covered. Just enter PAPERSWANS
I couldn’t recommend this service enough, my husband was really impressed and wanted to know all about it and it’s great that we have that song as part of our family history!
*This post is in collaboration with Songfinch and I received their service free of charge in return for an honest review All opinions are my own*

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