Weekly Meal Plan #30

Under £30 Weekly Meal Plan Budget Friendly

Happy Half Term! Or not depending on how you feel with a week off. I, for one, am so glad for a weeks break. It means my husband is off work for the week, which means we can spend time together. It’s so difficult so spend time together when we both work so hard so a week together is perfect. A few days out and a time for me to catch up on my workload and just have a break.
We haven’t actually done our food shop yet as yesterday was my husbands birthday so we didn’t do our usual Sunday shop. But I have written out our list and our meals so I thought I’d share those and I will email you all in my weekly newsletter to let you know the total shop.
Thank you to everyone who joined up for the #mealplanningmonday blog hop. I hope you can join us again this week! I got so many ideas from the meal plans that have joined up and I loved Jessica’s meal plan, her recipes sound amazing! I’ve got my eye on Oriental Steamed Rainbow Trout with Chinese Fried Rice. Make sure you have a look!
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Hijacked By Twins
As we’ve eaten rather a lot of cake recently we’re having a healthier week. Thank you to everyone who has signed up to my newsletter this week! As I said it will be going tonight so you’ve still got time to sign up. You can do that here.
This week we’ll be eating:
Quick Teriyaki mince rice bowls
Tomatoes, eggs & chorizo with ciabattas
Steak & cheese stuffed mushrroms
Ricotta red pepper pasta
Homemade burgers
What are you eating this week? Don’t forget to link up.
Happy Monday!

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