Weekly Meal Plan #28

Happy Monday! I’m getting rather excited for February. It means that it’s soon going to be my birthday, my husbands birthday and a million different other events! How exciting. But also payday. Well ish. Being self employed doesn’t mean payday like it used too but the money I was saving for this month can now be released. Haha. 
Last week’s meal plan didn’t work out too well for us. We had takeaway one night and then our meals got muddled. We used the ingredients we had though so I guess that’s all that matters! There will be no takeaway this week. Even if we are both feeling under the weather. 
My husband did this week’s shop as Edith was due a nap. So rather than take her out and to save me from getting stressed he went. He did pretty well! He likes to shop at Tesco, so he can use the self scanners. It makes our shop so much easier! He spent a grand total of £32.22 Which is just over budget.
I do apologise for lack of newsletter last week but this weeks will be going out at 11am this morning so sign up here. A massive thank you to all of you who signed up last week. I am currently working on a meal plan printable for you guys which will make things easier when you plan your shop. Hopefully that will be with you either mid-week or by next weeks newsletter! 
So I guess you’ll want to know your meals? Head over to my meal planning inspiration board on Pinterest to see the recipes for this week.
Caramel Chicken
Slow cooker chilli
Chilli dog wraps
“Brinner” (Breakfast)
Bacon, spinach and mozzarella puffs
What’s on your menu this week?

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