The Curious World of Scents

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Perfumery was always an alien concept to me. Some eccentric old man in a lab in Paris whisking and whirling oils in test tubes was my idea of perfumery. However, after gaining some interest in this field thanks to reading “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” by Patrick Suskind, I realised that perfumery is a delicate art. Requiring not just the ability to recognise a good scent from bad, it is also essential to have a great memory to remember scents, to have a good olfactory imagination to mentally think of which scents would perfect a formulation at hand and also a strong knowledge of chemistry and the fragrant compounds.

Increasingly the world is moving towards synthetic compounds, as the naturally available ones are difficult to procure in large quantities as well as difficult to standardize in production. Certain scents take years to naturally mature and this is not feasible for perfumers.

After some research, I became addicted to this field. After all, who doesn’t want a unique scent that people associate only with them, which stirs memories? I was inducted into the fantastic world of essential oils, base notes, heart notes, top notes. Words like “silage” which I had never heard of were now so important.

I began to experiment with scents myself. Of course, I didn’t have the expensive equipment of labs, little knowledge or guidance save for the internet and a smaller purse to purchase fragrances. Despite this, my entry into perfumery was amazing. Making mistakes as all beginners do with a heavy hand, I slowly learnt how to use minimal amounts while combining, which scents were strong and which light, the scents that seemed to work well together. In a short span of time, I developed favourites and began making signature scents for friends and family. Who knew that personally crafted perfumes would be the most sought after gift? I began to identify certain scents with personality types and make formulations for different people accordingly. They LOVED it!

While allowing the scents to mature in the dark, there exists an impatient wait. I found that playing online bingo kept me calm and entertained until I could take a big whiff of the scent that had developed over the two weeks. In fact, I received a lot of compliments from my online bingo friends at Betway Bingo about the scents I made. Read more about the Betway bingo review here.

So, go ahead and dabble in the curious world of perfumery, you will not regret it. Leave your senses tingling and a trail of longing behind you every time you walk!

Written in collaboration.
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