Weekly Meal Plan #15

This weekend has been ridiculously busy for us. Oh how we are longing for half term so we can spend some time together as a family. I was working photographing a wedding on Saturday and then yesterday we took a trip out for brunch to review a re-opening of a restaurant. I’ll be blogging all about in the next week but it was a rather busy one.
So here we are back to Monday. This week I will be sitting down a filming a video (gulp!) to explain how my meal plans work. Last week I received a lot of messages asking me how it was possible and how many meals the £30 included. I’m not going to go into it now but that video should hopefully be up at some point this week.
This weeks shopping was done at ASDA on the way to my Mum’s house. For once I didn’t use a list. Are you proud of me? I love a list and usually cannot shop without one but I didn’t have time to write one so I did it without. The shopping came to £30.36. So 36p over. I can live with that.
I’ll be sending out a newsletter this week. I managed to get one out last week. If you’d like to subscribe to my newsletter you can do that by clicking here or the newsletter tab at the top of the page.
This weeks meals are:
Sweet chilli noodle stir fry with fish.
Pitta pizzas
Tuna pasta bake with garlic bread.
Bagel burgers with homemade chips
Steak with skinny Texas cheese fries.
You need to head over to my pinterest board to see what skinny Texas cheese fries are. They will change your live. I’m not kidding!!
What are you eating this week?
Pink Pear Bear
Cuddle Fairy
3 Little Buttons
My Petit Canard

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