13 Ways You Know You’re A Parent When . . .

– Your skin regime no longer involves expensive cleansers and will include a baby wipe somewhere along the line.
– Your child has new clothes every season and you wear the same 6 tops on repeat.
– You don’t even think twice about wiping thick green snot on your sleeve if you don’t have a tissue at hand in a snot emergency.
– You’ve attempted to catch your child’s sick. 
– Your clothes are covered in food and you baby wipe them over instead of changing them before you go out.
– You can’t remember the last time you sat and slowly enjoyed eating your meals.
– You buy a kingsize bed not for comfort or bumping uglies (The Walking Dead fans will understand that reference) but for the one year old that sleeps in it too.
– You celebrate getting bogies and may possibly take a picture of them to send to your spouse because you can’t believe that something that big came out of your babies nose.
– You randomly burst out into kids TV theme songs. That’s ok if the people around you are parents. Or children.
– It’s 8am on Tuesday and you already wish it was 5pm on Friday so you can wee more than once a day without an audience.
– Your house has a line of destruction. Pegs on the kitchen floor, cutlery in the dining room and a whole toybox of toys on the living room floor. 
– You can’t remember the last time you had your hair cut or any beauty treatment.
– You wouldn’t change any of these things because being a parent is incredible.
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