Weekly Meal Plan #9

Budget Meal Planning
It’s that time in September that pretty much everyone (other than kids) looks forward too. Going back to school. For us that means my husband going back to work after 6 weeks together. Edith and I have loved having him at home but I think we are all looking forward to getting back into routine. I know they say babies thrive off routine but so does this Mama.
We’ve eaten quite healthy over the holidays but we’ve had too many takeaways which we are going to cut down on. We are going to have one every fortnight, that will probably be chips from the chip shop. We had takeaway a couple of times last week as well as two BBQ’s. I know. It’s too much. So we’re back to healthier home cooked food and no going off the meal plan. It also means we will have some spare cash at the end of the month too.
What that also means for us is that meals have to be simple and quick because we don’t have the luxury of no time constraints. Meals needs to low prep as I can’t get much done with Edith under my feet, more like on my hip.
Yesterday we stayed at home as I was photographing a wedding on Saturday and Edith has a cold so we were all feeling tired. That meant an extra meal, we also had to buy extra bits for my husbands packed lunch. Which meant in the end we did go over budget but only be £2. We were pretty lucky too that we had a lot leftover bits from the BBQ we had on Friday in the freezer so we didn’t need to buy meat, which always pushed the bill up.
So I guess you want to know what we’re having?
Sweet and sour pork with noodles.
Mushroom risotto
Ham, salami & mozzarella subs
Burger bolognaise
Rice Crispy Chicken with potato wedges
Toad in the hole with roast potatoes and veg.
What are you eating this week?
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