Weekly Meal Plan #11

I can’t believe that I’ve been running this series for 11 weeks already. I’ve had some really great feedback on it from you lovely people and it’s keeping us on the straight and narrow and avoiding takeaway, well, maybe. We slipped up. Last week. We got back from my sisters later and Edith had fallen asleep in the car. We decided that all of our meals took too long to prepare and my husband can be pretty persuasive. Who am I kidding? I rarely turn down food! So we slipped but this week we will be strong! No takeaway in the week at all!
This weeks meals had to be quick or meals that can be prepared in advance as my husband is working later this week. So I had a browse of Pinterest and came up with a few ideas of what we could eat.
We shopped in Morrisons this week as it was on the way home from our shopping trip. The bill came to £36.29 which is pretty over-budget. There were a few luxuries in there; drinks after the car journey and cookies to take to my Mum’s house. Also baby wipes and toilet roll. All essentials but they drove up the costs. I’m too bothered though. I’ve set myself a challenge next week to be on budget! Wish me luck.
This week we are eating:
Halloumi, salad and sweet chilli pittas. 
Sloppy Joe pizzas with salad.
15 minute lazy noodles.
Crisp crusted fish with lemon rice.
Sausage and potato bake.
And no takeaway (until Saturday!). 
What are you eating this week?
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