Weekly Meal Plan #7

Oh internet how I adore you! This past week has been a touch stressful. Moving is not fun. We are slowly getting everything in place and it’s starting to look how we want it to, I say we, I mean me, my husband doesn’t care much for decor. Hopefully when this goes live our internet will be back up and running, surviving a week without wifi was traumatic for me. I am an over-sharer and I need internet (I’m currently stealing my mums to write this post).
Anyway we’ve been enjoying cooking in our new kitchen, it’s so much bigger perfect for preparation and the oven is a huge gas oven. It’s twice the size of what we had before. I’m officially in love with it.
Meal planning discussion this week went the same way as it usually does. I ask what we should eat. He replies I don’t know and we go from there. Haha. Please tell me that we are not the only couple to have that conversation.
This week’s shopping will be from Aldi (they have a few homeware bits I want to pick up, don’t tell my husband) and we are doing it this morning. I’ll update you with an exact price here. I will also be sending out my first newsletter. Oh I tried so hard to do it last week but without wifi it was a no go. So tomorrow evening there will *hopefully* be an email in your inbox with an exclusive shopping list and possibly a recipe too!
Chicken breast burgers with homemade onion rings.
Crispy chilli beef with stirfry veg and noodles.
Chicken Tzatzki salad with pitta breads & rice.
Mushroom & parmesan garlic spaghetti.
Chunky beef curry with basmati rice and naans.
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What are you eating this week?

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