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february winter wedding
Time for another installment of our wedding. We didn’t have the biggest budget for getting married but both of us are strong believers that you don’t need lots of money to make things look good. A lot of people joked and said that they knew our wedding would be cheap but look fantastic and I think, even if I do say so myself, they were right.
Right from the start it was clear that a lot of craft and DIY skills would be used. You might remember our save the dates and then our invites. That kind of set the mood for what our wedding would be like.
I wanted a lot of signs, weird I know but things I knew would photograph well and point people in the right direction. The first sign “Cath & Dion Tie the Knot” was made from old fence posts. The fence got knocked over in the wind so I decided that they would be perfect for the sign. This was tied to the front gate so people knew they were in the right place.
I wanted to have an order of the day so people knew what was happening and when. Of course we didn’t stick to it completely but it gave the day a nice structure. The chalkboard was mine from childhood, I’m so glad my mum keeps old things. I then used a chalk pen purchased from eBay to write on the board.
The confetti sign was an old bit of wood from TV unit. Again recycled into something usable. I then used some leftover wood paint to write on it.
february winter wedding
february winter wedding
february winter wedding
february winter wedding
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The seating sign was made from the insert of a draw. I wrote on the details in chalk and then hairsprayed the writing to keep it in place.
The table plan took me ages to decide what to do. In the end this giant pin board worked a treat. I bought little labels and pegs. I made the bunting out of old fabric and then used some of the leftover twine.
Each table was named after a song we both liked. When we sent for our invites some of them came back without the words on them, luckily the lovely people at Printed.com sorted it out for us but we were left with lots of kraft card with the wreath around it. Instead of waste them we used them for table names.
And finally another sign. This one for the cards. We used an old picnic hamper for the cards to go in and I used the chalk pen again to write on the loveheart board. The chalkboard came from my Mum as a Christmas present a few years back. The picnic basket also collected the presents we had been given, people were sneaky as we hadn’t asked for presents. We asked for money mainly as we wanted a little honeymoon and because buying presents can be tricky. Voucherbox.co.uk have some great Liberty’s vouchers at the moment if you want to save a bit of money on any wedding presents.
There was a lot of DIY that went in and looking back I did take on a lot especially as I had a newborn baby as well. But we wouldn’t change a thing.
Did you do make a lot of things for your wedding?
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