[Food] Weekly Meal Plan #4

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It’s great to be back to meal planning. Last week we treated ourselves and bought easy convenience food, luxuries and wine! Our weekly shop for the lodge came to £75! Eeeeeekkkkkkk. That’s more than double our normal shop. It was great to treat ourselves though but we are well and truly back to healthier eating and staying on budget.
This week is slightly different to our usual week as my husbands son is staying with us for the week. He’s a bit of a fussy eater, although we’re not changing how we eat so we’ve picked things we know he will happily eat.
I’m not used to cooking for someone who doesn’t have a big appetite but it does mean that we don’t really have to increase our portion sizes that much as I do tend to overcook, I blame my mum for this trait!
This weeks shop (not including nappies and wipes) came to just over £28, we shopped in Morrisons this week, which for a family of four is not bad going at all. Edith will have a small, unseasoned portion of the meal we have.

Wholemeal pitta pizzas (toppings – bacon, pineapple, mushrooms, sweetcorn, peppers, cheddar and mozzarella) with salad.
Toad in the hole, roast potatoes, peas and gravy.


Fish finger wraps with couscous.

Homemade meatballs with spaghetti in tomato sauce.

BBQ (hopefully)
I would love to know what are you eating this week?

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