Edith 11 Month Update

It’s crazy how Edith has developed this month. There are so many things she’s done. I guess that’s what happens when your baby is nearly one. Whhhattt! This time next month we will have a 1 year old, she will have had her birthday party and I will probably pour myself some wine is disbelief of how quickly this first year has gone!

Still as terrible as ever. She pretty much ends up in our bed everynight, it’s the only way she will settle and if it means we get sleep then I’m okay with that. Daytime naps are now down to two. A morning and afternoon. I kind of new that it was going that way as getting her to take her usual 3rd nap didn’t work and she refused any sleep. Now she has 45 minutes – 1 1/2 hours in the morning and then in the afternoon too. It’s working pretty well for us.
Edith has been great this month. Trying things she wouldn’t before. She has taken a particular like to houmous. It just goes to show that you have to keep trying them with new flavours. She ate little tuna sandwiches yesterday, last time we tried her on tuna she spat it out.
We’ve also been trying her on cows milk. In afternoon, if we remember, we’re trying Edith  on cows milk to get her used to it. I’m going to be trying her on cows milk from 1 year and cut down on breastfeeding. Someone said after a year not to deny them but not to encourage them and this is what we’re going to do. Of course if Edith says no and refuses then breastmilk all the way! 
We’ve not had her weighed recently but she is bloody heavy to cart around. She’s so tall still too! We are now introducing the 12-18 months clothes as some of her 9-12 is getting a little small. She has, as of yesterday, gone up to size 5 nappies.

Saying her first word. Duck.
Giving kisses.
Saying uh-oh.
Shhhhhhhhh-ing (Nanny taught her that one)
Bum shuffling around.
Almost crawling. She’s in position she just needs to get those knees up and go!
Standing up and taking a few steps, guided with us.
Pulling herself up.
3 more teeth! She’s had a sudden burst of teeth, Poor girl.

Edith Loves
Twirlywoos and Teletubbies
Rolling around everywhere.
Her mama. (We are so in the mum stage right now!)
Her half-brother. She loves him so much.
Music – she’s starting to dance to it.
Edith Hates
Old people. She’s scared of them and make her cry! Haha.
Happy 11 Months! 
Quite Frankly She Said Sunday Best

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