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I’ve been feeling a little stressed lately. It’s understandable I suppose. Starting a business, motherhood to a clingy baba and everyday life (read housework). It’s a lot of juggle. Recently the biggest thing playing on my mind is our house. Currently we rent and up until recently it’s not been too bad. Our house is small but when it was the two of us it wasn’t a problem. Babies take up a lot of space. Walkers, buggies, bath chairs, toys, changing bags, carriers, changing mats. I think you get the picture. We’ve outgrown the house.
The grand plan we had in our minds was baby, wedding, house. Not the traditional way of thinking but after two miscarriages we knew that having a baby was the most important thing to us. We’re now at that point, where we are ready for the next chapter. The next chapter being a house of our own. Yeah, I’m talking mortgage and somewhere we can officially call ours. The issue. We don’t have the means. Starting my business provides us with enough money to live comfortably and to make a small amount of savings a month. I sat and worked out that the rate we are saving means that it will be another 6 years before we’ll have enough. We can’t wait that long. Ideally we’d like another child (at least/ maybe 2) before then. But how can we have more children with no space.
It’s a tricky situation and it’s been playing on my mind a while. So we’ve sat down, looked at our expenses, debts and income. Working out what we need and if we can make any cut backs. We live quite frugal anyway but if we can make anymore cuts were going to try. It leaves us in a shit situation. We either plod along, stay where we are. Move in with someone for a year/ 18 months allowing us to save what we would spend on rent. Or forget the dream all tougher. Just keep renting and move somewhere bigger.
I do think that sometimes I’m trying to rush ahead. Scrap that. I know I do. I want everything straight away, being patient is not my thing. I am only 23 and things take a little time. Hopefully my business will go from strength to strength and we will get to where we want to be.
 I’d love to know how you saved for a mortgage or are you happy renting? Please let me know as my head hurts overthinking about it.

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