[Food] Weekly Meal Plan #3

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It’s Monday and time for a weekly meal plan. I didn’t post one last week as I saved last weeks for this week. We are on honeymoon this week (to a beautiful little log cabin, don’t worry Edith’s coming too) so we will be eating out a lot or having quick and easy meals (maybe even ready meals(!) shock horror.) It’s a break for us so we don’t want to be slaving over a oven.
The last meal plan I posted didn’t go so well. That week we had takeaway twice. My husband is a bad influence and I have no willpower when it comes to takeaway. We did a lot better last week. Our BBQ plans for the Friday got cancelled so we popped to Morrisions to pick up their pizzas as a bit of a treat instead. This weeks shop came to £23 as we had a lot of meat in the freezer. I did however have to top up the shop with some chicken burgers for £1.50 as we were a little greedy Monday night.


Vegetable stir fry, sweet chilli sauce, egg noodles and battered fish on top. (Sounds odd, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!)
Chicken burgers, salad, sweet chilli sauce with homemade sweet potato fries.


Slow cooker lasange with mushrooms and peppers.


“Nacho” wraps. (All the flavour of nachos without nachos, my husband is fussy)
BBQ – cancelled
Chicken & bacon pizza for me.
Spicy beef, chorizo, bacon and jalapenos for the husband.

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