What To Pack In My Hospital Bag.

What To Back In My Hospital Bag Mum And Baby
What to pack in your hospital bag for Mum and Baby is one of the biggest questions I had. The midwife gave us a hospital bag check list of helpful things to have but I decided to ask friends and family what they found useful and I went from there and I thought I’d share my hospital bag essentials.
There are so many lists on the internet all saying different things it’s hard to gauge what to take as you don’t know how long you will be there for. Hopefully once baby girl is born, I’ll be able to leave 4/6 hours afterwards but things never go to plan so taking a few extras is the way to go. It’s not too bad as the hospital is only a 15 minute drive away so anything that’s forgotten can be brought up to us.
For someone who is pretty organised I was pretty slack on getting my hospital bag together. It’s almost there now with just a few items to add. Hopefully I’ve got everything but if there’s anything I’m missing please let me know!
What To Back In My Hospital Bag Mum And Baby
– The bag itself: I didn’t have anything suitable so I borrowed a luggage holdall from my lovely friend. It’s the perfect size to cram everything in to.
– A mens XL t shirt: For labour I picked one up from Primark for a couple of quid. I plan to bin it afterwards as I imagine it might get a but messed up.
– 2 nighties: I need ones that you can either pull down or that unbutton to make breastfeeding easier. I bought two from Primark at £5 each. They’re not too granny but they are going to be comfortable and can be used for afterwards.
– Dressing gown: I’m going to borrow my sisters. So it’s not actually in my bag yet! Ooops
– Flip flops: I didn’t really fancy putting slippers in my bag as I don’t really wear them. Instead I opted for a £1 Primark pair. (can you see a theme here?) There ideal as I can walk around in them and they are smaller than slippers so won’t take up too much space.
– Knickers: Black ones. For obvious reasons. Granny ones, because glamorous things go out of the window with pregnancy and labour!
– Maternity towels: Another reason you need big Granny knickers to fit these giant towels. Someone described it to me as feeling like you have a loaf of bread between your legs. Nice. I’ve packed two packets. 20 in total.
– Breast pads: I plan to breastfeed and these are going to stop those leaks! I’ve put them in a separate bag as the box was too big to put in my bag.
– Toiletries: 2in1 Shampoo/Conditioner, shower gel, mini moisturiser, lip balm, hairbands, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, face wipes and nipple cream. I’m not even going to think about make up. I’m not there to impress anyone.
– A towel: An old one that I’m too bothered about getting messed up.
– Going home clothes: I’ve settled for leggings and a loose grey jersey dress.
What To Back In My Hospital Bag Mum And Baby
– Nappies: I have one pack of newborn nappies in there. I opted for Aldi ones as my sister recommended them to me,
– Cotton wool balls: You not allowed to use baby wipes in the hospital. Cotton wool and water is best for newborns.
– 2 newborn bodysuits. 2 0-3 bodysuits: Most lists recommend taking 3 or 4 but it’s hard to know what size to pack. I’m taking a selection of sizes.
– 2 0-3 sleepsuits, 2 newborn sleepsuit: Again taking a selction of sizes. And one special one for coming home in.
– A knitted cardigan: To keep her warm if we have to stay in hospital. Again not in my bag yet!
– Blanket: The Mr (to be)’s mum bought us a beautiful blanket when we found out we were having a girl. It will be perfect for taking her home in.
– A thin snowsuit: It could be warm still at the end of September or it could be cold. So we’ve put in a tartan snowsuit that’s thin enough to not be too hot but will still keep her warm. It has ears on it and it’s the one my sister brought my nephew home in.
– A packet of cookies: For energy, I’m going to add a drink too. Both for during labour.
And that’s it for now. I think that’s everything but feel free to add things if I’ve forgotten anything. How did you prepare a hospital bag for labour?

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