Forget your troubles come on get . . .

Happy. Nah. Well get happy too because that’s always good but I was thinking organised. I’m a little bit all over the place with everything at the moment and I really need to sort it out. On my lunch break yesterday I debated buying myself a brand new notebook and pens to give me that little boost of encouragement. But I couldn’t find something pretty enough and I then remembered that I have a stack of notebooks at home. Does anyone else hoard notebooks?
Working and blogging clash a lot and I’m very envious of those who pull off doing both. So this weekend I’m planning everything, sorting it all out. No more late night writing, it’s not my best and I’d hate to think of all the mistakes I make. So here’s to planning and sorting myself out so I’m not writing blog posts at nearly midnight. Lets hope it will work.
This post was also to show off my new camera. The Mr’s brother found it for me and asked if I would be interested in it. Of course I jumped at the chance. It now sits proudly on my coffee table lined up with fresh flowers and a few other things. I’m not sure if it works but I already have an instant camera so I’m not bothered if it doesn’t.
Any advice or tips of how to keep everything running smoothly?
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