All nude and a little bit of glitter.

White – All nude by MUA
Glitter – Silver multi glitter by Barry M
I’m running rather late today. Ignore yesterday’s post about being organised that starts at the weekend. 
I’ve got a thing for white nails at the moment. Before I would have hated them. Very 90’s, almost as bad as white shoes. But I’m in love with them and white shoes to be honest. It’s funny how fashion comes back around, it also makes me feel old that what I wore when I was little has come back around. Ancient.
I’m feeling a bit under the weather today. I think I’m just tired so we are heading over to my mums. We are going to take some lunch and then sit out in the garden and make the most of this sunshine. After the rain we’ve had all week it makes a nice change.
We are heading out tonight to see the new X-Men film. I do love a bit of James McAvoy and I’m looking forward to seeing him in 3d. I mean the film in 3d ooops!
Have a lovely weekend. I plan on having a good one!
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