10 things that happened this bank holiday weekend.

1. On Sunday we all gathered at my mums house to celebrate her birthday. I won’t say her age but the photograph of her cake says it all (sorry mum!). 
2. I walked to work Saturday morning in the pouring rain. Luckily I had my trusty pink umbrella so I didn’t look like a drowned rat by the time I got to work. There’s something quite nice about rain when your inside or not getting soaked from it.
3. I booked in a family photo shoot Sunday afternoon. Such a lovely group of people and I had fun capturing memories for them. I then spent the rest of the time editing the photographs.
4. Where we held the photo shoot was looking rather lovely. Even the duck pond water looked refreshing on the sunny Sunday, although I wouldn’t advise hopping in. Last time I visited this garden the ducks tried to attack my mum who was taking photographs for me.
5. I became even more hooked on South Park. I always thought it was really stupid but after watching a few episodes I’m happy to admit I love it. Butters is my favourite character! He’s just so cute. 
6. I baked mum’s birthday cake. It was flavoured with strawberries and elder flower, topped with lashings of cream and dusted with icing sugar. It was rather delicious and I’m going to post the recipe up tomorrow! (Lucky you!)
7. Monday morning we made waffles for breakfast. Getting a waffle iron for my birthday was a great idea. I forgot how much I loved them.
8.  We sang, far too much and far too often, loudly in the car. I think they should put cameras in cars so people can watch you get up to. It would be really funny to see. Our two part harmonies are spot on and you should just hear our rendition of Take That’s “Shine”. 
9. I was told by my three (nearly four) year old niece that I had to paint a flower on the fence. I painted one on the fence in my mum’s garden when I was little and she discovered it the other day. She told me that I needed to re-paint it in pink paint. When I told her I only had purple and asked would that be ok. She accepted. Now I need to get painting!
10.  We stayed up until midnight Sunday night watching T.V. I really regret it. I complained so many times about how tired I was on yesterday. I think I’m too old to go bed later!
I hope you enjoyed this post, I just wanted to post something a little different. How did you spend your weekend?
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