Don’t worry about a thing.

There’s been a lot of blog posts about positivity recently which I think is great, I think Easter has really got people thinking, I’m not sure why, but people seem to have looked at what they are doing. Even if it’s just starting 100 happy days project. Maybe it’s the sunshine that’s had a really positive effect on people!
 We all take for granted the things we have and it’s only when you lose them that you realise how lucky you were to have had them in the first place. Life’s not always kind but it’s about learning to deal with the blows. You can go either one or two ways. Either spiral into a deep depression or you can choose to move on. Move on and look for the positives. The things you do have. Things you should be so grateful for. I think people can be really negative and that doesn’t help anyone. The next time you are having a down day make a list of things you are grateful for, things you’re going to do, things to look forward too and enjoy life.
I’ve decided that every month I’m going to write down a list of things I’m looking forward to that month starting next week (can you believe it will be May already?). That way I’ve always got something to look forward too. Being happy is a choice and it’s time to forget the negatives and just enjoy life!
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